Wednesday Weirdness #204

The most recent Windows update I did lost all my favorites and messed up all my Modern applications again.  It wasn’t quite as big if a nuisance since I now know to back up my favorites regularly and keep a PowerShell script to re-register all installed store applications handy.  But, it’s still something that I shouldn’t need to do.

Monday Monologue #204

An interior monologue from me (and sometimes the wife).

  • I was finally able to resolve my issues with organizing photos that I copied from my old phone to my new phone.  Just like on Windows, uninstalling and reinstalled the app fixed the issue.
  • All the rain was good for the lawn; but, it took me a LONG time to mow and edge since the grass was so high.  Then we put down mulch in the one area that still needed it.  Definitely a busy Saturday; but, good to get things done.
  • One of the “bad” things about getting a new vehicle is that some of the accessories I had for the old one don’t fit the new one.  I’ll probably be selling some things online one day soon.  Of course one of the good things about getting a new vehicle is that’s its comes with a lot of cool new things.
  • With long closed roads finally being reopened as a long construction project down, I discovered a quicker way go home from work.  It good to not have to take detours every day.

Friday Featurette #203

It wasn’t quite as hot today and yesterday as it has been recently but it was still the sunny and warm summer weather that we enjoy so much. Fall is in the air; especially when it’s cloudy or the sun is low in the sky. But summer isn’t over yet for us. We’ll be doing the long overdue homeowner thing in Saturday then relaxing on Sunday. That’s mostly how we like our weekends during the summer although we’ve got more yardwork than usual to do tomorrow (because of the rain). Have a great weekend!

Traditional Thursday #203

With the rain over the weekend and at the start of the week, the hot weather we were having seems to be over. It’s not cold or even cool yet; but, it probably won’t be “hot” anymore until sometime next year. It was great fun if you love the summer like we do. We’ll still be able to do our thing. But we’re slowly starting to feel like we’re running out of time and the season of summer fun is drawing to a close.

Wednesday Weirdness #203

I’ve got an app on my phone that organizes photos (and videos) by date which would be good except it uses the date the .jpg was created rather than the actual metadata. So all of the photographs I copied from my old phone are sorted by day I copied them to my new phone. What a gigantic annoyance. Obviously, I’m looking for a different gallery app.

Tuesday Two For #203

The quality of the videos we post is dependent upon the camera angle and how much time we want to spend editing and transcoding. So, the foot of the bed perspective can often be higher quality since I don’t have to do much editing. Since a light kit is still on the to-do list so some angles are better than others. But, we’d like to think that all of our movies are good.

Monday Monologue #203

An interior monologue from me (and sometimes the wife).

  • Despite the intermittent rain, we were able to put down some fresh mulch over the weekend. We’ve still got one area that deteriorated faster than we had expected that we need to redo. But; we’re not overwhelmed with yard work.
  • I think I finally solved my last lingering issue from the big Windows update from two weeks ago that I thought I had fixed last week. It really shouldn’t be so complicated.
  • We rowed “extra” over the weekend which was good since we were stuck inside today. Hopefully the river won’t go out up much. Or be unrowable because of the debris that wash in from the storms.
  • We watched some football and some soccer over the weekend when we weren’t catching up with the Rio Olympics. We like fall sports; but, were definitely not ready for fall weather.

Friday Featurette #202

The Wife standing naked in front of the mirror drying her hairHere is a better picture of the wife in front of the mirror drying her hair. I see it all the time; but it’s still one of my favorite candid images. We don’t usually like rain; but, were hoping for some this weekend to help the grass. But not enough for the river to get too high. August has been HOT which we like. We have an easier time cooling off than warming up so we would much rather be “hot” than cold. Plus it’s a lot easier and more convenient to dress to be cool when its hot outside than it is to layer up for the cold winter. Have a great weekend!