Monday Monologue #51

An interior monologue from me (and sometimes the wife).

  • Amazingly, we are all caught up on blogging. In a way, it’s sad because it means that we haven’t been spending as much time outside as we were earlier in the summer. I gets dark a LOT earlier than it did just a few weeks ago.
  • We are in that strange time of year where we kinda need air conditioning during the day and kinda need heat during the night. One of the few times I wish we had a super snazzy internet-enabled thermostat.
  • Last week, when it was still hot, our next door neighbor was so concerned about “wasting” water that when he set up sprinklers near the property line, he made sure not get ANY water on our yard, even if it meant not watering his new sod. Sometimes, The Wife and I are amazed at how cheap people can be; even when it’s to their own detriment.
  • Who-Dey!!!

Friday Featurette #50

The Wife walking out of the closet naked after putting some clothes awayThe “Office Space” style moments continue at work. So, if humanly possible, each weekend is met with more enthusiasm than the previous one. I usually do a good job of leaving work at work and forgetting about it when I get home; but, sometimes, I need a little help. Happily, The Wife is glad to help.

Have a great weekend!

Wednesday Weirdness #50

I saw our newest next door neighbor watching the wife when she got out of the pool on Monday. Not like he creepy guy who used to live behind us who would come out on his deck and watch when anyone got in the pool. Still, he paused watering his grass for a moment. We don’t have a privacy fence so some ogling is expected. But, he and his wife are ultra conservative; so, it was a bit surprising. Or, perhaps he’s seldom any place where women are walking around in swimsuits. Regardless of the reason, it was kinda surprising. They are only slightly older than we are; but, there is a BIG “generation gap” between us.

Monday Monologue #50

An interior monologue from me (and sometimes the wife).

  • Our shredder finally died over the weekend. It lasted a long time considering that the gears inside it are made out of plastic. It’s a big nuisance not having one. Right now, all of the stuff we would have shredded is cluttering up the desk.
  • The keypad to the pool heater is broken too. It’s been finicky for years as its “guts” got brittle from years in the sun; but I resisted getting a new one since you have to replace the whole assembly. Now, I don’t have a choice since it doesn’t work at all anymore. But, I found a “compatible” keypad separately on eBay. Hopefully it fits.
  • In their latest update, the makers of Firefox removed several features that I frequently and “fixed” some things that weren’t really broken, so I’m switching back to Internet Explorer. I never stopped using IE; but now I’m going to use it for the occasions I had been using Firefox for.
  • We got in the pool today for what may be the last time this season. We may have one more day if it doesn’t rain. But it looks like a summer ending cold front is moving in. The sun goes down so early that we don’t have much time to get in the pool on weekdays anyway.

Friday Featurette #49

This Husband and The Wife enjoying a momentI take more pictures than The Wife does; but, we like posting photos of both of us if we can. So, whenever we have a picture of the two of us together that we like we usually publish it. Especially, if its “cute” like this one. It really captures the spirit of the summer that is fast coming to an end.

Have a great weekend! Are you ready for some football?

Wednesday Weirdness #49

Over the weekend, I took off my wedding ring to put a bandage (and ointment) on a blister and could not get it back on! I haven’t gained any weight recently. In fact, I weigh 155 pounds which is slightly less than “normal”. My hand didn’t look swollen; but that’s only reason I can think of. I’m not having any problems with it now; it slides on and off easily. I seldom take my ring off so it’s unlikely to happen again. Still, the fact that it happened once is kinda discombobulating.