Monday Monologue #129

An interior monologue from me (and sometimes the wife).

  • It won’t last since it’s unseasonably warm for March; but it was 75-degrees today. A fabulous day to be outside.
  • I was “late” leaving work today because I was replying to an email that irritated me. I received a request asking me to do one of two options, which I did. And now they are unhappy that I didn’t select the other one. If they really only wanted one specific thing which did they list alternatives? It’s why the pay me; but, sometimes, it isn’t enough.
  • I changed the wallpaper on my desktop to something more “spring like”. It change the weather; but it does make cold weather seem a bit more distant (even though it was only last week).
  • I also purchased some new digital music. I plan on being outside a lot more now that it’s “warm” and that will give me something to new listen to. I shouldn’t have to do it; but I seem to be spending a lot of time walking the “temporary” dog. So, some fresh tunes are useful and timely.

Friday Featurette #128

The Husband and The Wife together on a sunny spring eveningWe took some new passport photographs today in preparation for getting our passports renewed. We use them a lot when we travel by air since they are a convenient size to keep with our boarding passes and not as easy to misplace as a loose driver’s license. We’re not quite the road warriors that we used to be now that the kids have both graduated. But, it’s good to be prepared. 21st century life is certainly expensive. Anyway, have a great weekend and enjoy St. Patrick’s Day!

Wednesday Weirdness #128

The email application on The Wife’s smart phone somehow lost some of its settings and would not let me enter the missing information. So, I had to delete everything and reconfigure all of her email accounts. It’s really annoying that changes to account settings aren’t saved. This is not the first time that it’s happened so I know how to “fix” it. But it’s big pain to redo everything whenever it occurs.

Monday Monologue #128

An interior monologue from me (and sometimes the wife).

  • The network switch in the basement that connects most of the computers in the house started malfunctioning on Saturday. So, now all of our wired devices can’t be on the internet at the same time. I’ve ordered a new one; but it won’t be here for days.
  • Since the weather was so nice, we went running in the park on Sunday even though the path was still kinda slushy. It was great to be outside in the sun! Hopefully, our days of running inside are over until next winter.
  • For the second time this week, we’ve seen a coyote wandering the neighborhood looking for something to eat. We keep a very close watch on the “temporary” dog whenever she’s outside after dark. She’s been an unexpected nuisance; but we still wouldn’t want for her to “disappear”.
  • The Wife and I are still adjusting to the time change which is to say we’re both still on standard time. It’s going to take a while for us to reset our internal clocks.

Friday Featurette #127

Today might be the last “cold” day of the year! So, even though the HUGE piles of snow that seem to be everywhere will linger for weeks; we can probably put away the snow shovels that we were using just last Sunday. And, though we’re still a long way from opening our pool, it doesn’t seem quite as far away as it did when it was below-zero outside. We’re going to get outside this weekend for the first time in a long time and we’re really looking forward to it. Meanwhile, here’s a video of The Wife standing in front of the mirror drying her hair. It’s kinda dark; but that couldn’t be helped since her hair dryer is so powerful she turns off any unnecessary lights just in case. Have a great weekend.



Wednesday Weirdness #127

I see people doing stupid things every day; so very little surprises me; but, occasionally, I see someone do something that leaves me shaking my head. Today, I saw someone who didn’t realize they were driving in the exit lane until it was too late. Rather than continue to get off the highway and get back on at the next exit, they decided to try and drive thru a pile of snow by where the off ramp splits off. They were successful at getting back on the highway. But, the “snow” which was really just a pile of ice, salt, sand/grit and road debris rippled off large chunks of their vehicle in the process. Big pieces of the body panels on the driver’s side were torn off and embedded in the snow bank. And their bumper was flapping wildly in the wind as they continued on. They’re going to have quite a surprise when they finally get to wherever they were going.