Friday Featurette #146

The Husband and The Wife enjoying a moment togetherYou may have noticed some strange behavior with the videos yesterday and today while I was converting them all to HTML5 .MP4s (from Flash Video). I got tired of constantly updating the plugin and decided to just disable it. The last time I updated, the online installer failed to download the update; but still deleted itself so I had to start over. It was already a PIA with multiple computers since an offline installer isn’t readily available and I had to download and run the stub installer on each computer rather than simply copying the setup program. We’ve got a reasonable internet connection. But, it’s not as fast enough to make downloading the same program multiple times ever seem like a good idea. Anyway, have a great weekend. We’re hoping to row; but, will probably end up running instead.

Traditional Thursday #146

The Husband on top of The Wife with her legs in the airIt’s only been just over a week and we’re already getting used to the computers we just upgraded. It took time; but, otherwise, everything was relatively pain-free. If only all of our other upgrades went as smoothly. Anyway, here’s a photograph of us waiting for the rain the to go away and the sun to shine so we can go out and play.

Wednesday Weirdness #146

It’s been a VERY slow process; but now I would characterize the temporary dog as being better behaved than most other dogs. She still should not be here. But, she’s slowly evolved to much less of an annoyance than when she was a new puppy. Of course, its summer time so it’s difficult to characterize doing anything outside as a nuisance.

Monday Monologue #146

An interior monologue from me (and sometimes the wife).

  • We had several FEROCIOUS thunderstorms today. String enough that I’m probably going to have to inspect the house whenever it stops raining.
  • The “temporary” dogs sleeps so much during the day now that she doesn’t sleep through the night. And there seem to be lots of things moving around for her to bark at. I know that’s what dogs do; but it’s really annoying.
  • I’ve completely given up on Firefox and gone back to using Internet Explorer exclusively. It’s amazing how bloated and buggy Firefox has become. I’m really looking forward to Windows 10 and Edge.
  • The Wife and I rowed today during a break in the rain for what will probably be the last day we get out on the water for a long time. We’re certainly not getting typical July weather.

Friday Featurette #145

The Wife carefully grooming her girlie bitsI’ve got kinda a busy weekend planned since I need to catch up on the things that I did not do while I was on vacation last week. I’ve always avoided doing projects and/or chores as much as possible on holidays or vacation. I like for my days off to be days off from everything. It might leave more work for in the future. But, for me, it makes holidays and vacations more relaxing.

Hopefully, I’ll find some time to relax and unwind and, perhaps, get in the pool. Have a great weekend. I’ll let you know ours went.

Wednesday Weirdness #145

We’ve been having problems with the video driver for the last month or so even after we upgraded Windows. So I decided to roll back to an older version. In addition to the main driver itself, there are several other supporting drivers, tools and utilities. And, when I uninstalled, I needed to reboot after each one. So ended up having to restart the computer SIX times before I was ready to install the old version. And, of course, there was the reboot after the installation. Who writes software like that? One or two reboots perhaps. But seven?

Tuesday Two For #145

We’ve only had a few problems upgrading to a 64-bit operating system. But, it’s always a good to make certain that everything is working properly. So here is a move we made to verify our video editing and transcoding tools were properly installed and configured. There shouldn’t be any issues. Please let us know of there are.

Monday Monologue #145

An interior monologue from me (and sometimes the wife).

  • We have a great vacation last week even though it rained the first few days. Earlier today, when I was leaving the gym after working out at lunch, I started to go home rather than back to the office. That’s how distant of a memory work had become.
  • The scavenger that comes through our neighborhood on trash night is really efficient. The broken telescoping pole that I attach brushes, nets, etc., for pool was by the curb for less than an hour before it disappeared. I was kinda hoping he would take it since it’s so long that it probably wouldn’t get picked up with the trash.
  • I still can’t fix the problem we’ve been having recently with our video driver. It’s really annoying when it crashes. Especially since it happens so much. I’m sure Nvidia will fix it one of these days but we could be waiting for a long time.
  • Congratulations to the US Women’s National Soccer Team on winning their third World Cup. A team we support finally won a big game.