Monday Monologue #298

An interior monologue from me (and sometimes the wife).

  • Saturday was great. We rowed and got in the pool. Plus, I didn’t have to cut the grass since it hasn’t rained recently and the grass hasn’t grown. So, our weekend was very relaxing.
  • One of the “good” things about getting a new air conditioner during a heat wave is that we’ll probably save about $100 over our old one (if it hadn’t died) off our next electric bill.
  • We finally had some rain today which our lawn really needed so we won’t need to water the grass for a while. It still hasn’t grown enough to need mowing. I don’t want a drought. But it is nice to be able to occasionally skip cutting the grass.
  • The days are getting shorter and the sun is going down a bit earlier. There is still plenty of summer left; but we have noticed that the days aren’t quite as long.

Friday Featurette #297

The Wife sitting naked on the bed before a "photo" sessionToday is Friday the 13th and though we’re not overly superstitious, we have had more bad luck than good on days like today. Fortunately, we haven’t had anything bad happen today.  So, be safe and have a great weekend.

Traditional Thursday #297

Now that the air conditional isn’t so loud and doesn’t have an annoying vibration, we’ve moved the bed back against the outside wall. It was only a few inches away from the wall before. But, I never quite got used to the bed not being next to at least one wall. The bed is still new so I don’t think it increases the noise from the bed springs. Can you tell any difference?

Wednesday Weirdness #297

I found an online vendor that sells cheap replacement gaskets for the type pf automatic chlorine feeder we use in packs of six. Yet, people were still complaining that thy don’t last. That’s why they come in a big multi-pack. Nothing rubbery that’s exposed to concentrated chlorine is going to last very long. The name brand ones made out of “premium” materials may at a bit longer; but, basic chemistry still applies.

Tuesday Two For #297

We’ve been rowing a lot this summer since it’s been mostly hot and dry. Occasionally we’ve had “scattered” thunderstorms; but not enough rain to make the river high and unrowable. And, when it did rain, it didn’t last long enough that we couldn’t row afterwards on these long summer days. according to my log I’ve rowed 18 consecutive days which is the most I’ve done. I know that streak will come to an end, so we’re going to enjoy these long days while we can.

Monday Monologue #297

An interior monologue from me (and sometimes the wife).

  • We are really glad that we decided to get a new air conditioner right away rather than wait. It’s been 90-degrees almost every day since we had it installed. We could have saved money buying during the off-season. But we would have been miserable.
  • I did not cut the grass this weekend since its ben so hot and dry. In fact, we’re starting to water it. If the forecast is accurate, I’m not sure I’ll cut it this coming weekend either.
  • We have not been biking a lot recently since there isn’t very much shade on the bike paths and the asphalt reflects so much heat. No shade on the river either; but, not nearly as much heat radiates off the water.
  • The Wife’s sports watch is getting so worn that it needs replacing. We are not as active as some. But, our gear does get a lot of use which is better than the alternative.

Friday Featurette #296

The Husband on top of The Wife with her legs in the airAs you can see from our tan lines in the picture, we’ve really been getting some sun the past month, and especially this week. This week has been glorious. We’ve rowed every day and gotten in the pool as well. We really, hate to see it come to a close. It will be many, many months before our next vacation.

Traditional Thursday #296

The Wife riding The Husband's dick cowgirl styleWe are really enjoying our new A/C. The air that comes out of the registers is much colder than before. Plus its great not having to think about whether or not it’s still going to be running when we get back inside after an afternoon in the heat. One less thing to worry about when we’re on vacation.

Tuesday Two For #296

The Wife sucking The Husband's dickThere is probably too much light in this week’s set of pictures. It was bright and sunny outside so we wanted to leave the shades open. But the neighbor who lives behind us was having an outdoor party. So, we had to use the flash since there wasn’t quite enough light without it.