Tuesday Two For #252

My goal for this week was to determine which one of the camera batteries was the “good” one. The easiest way was to try and make a video and see if records in its entirety or cuts off. It did record OK. Which is good and means that I picked the right battery. Unfortunately, we still have the same problem with the sound. The bed is not quite as loud. But, repositioning the camera didn’t make as much difference as I hoped. What do you think. Does it seem like an improvement?


Tuesday Two For #251

I seem to have misplaced our”good” camera battery after I took it off the charger. I don’t misplace things that often, and I am usually pretty good at finding things when I do. But I didn’t realize it was missing until I noticed that the battery compartment was empty when I was reinserting the memory card and there wasn’t a lot of time to look for it. So, I did not get to work as much on videos this week as I planned since the camera battery died. Hopefully I’ll find it quickly. Meanwhile, I still have a few videos of our “preparations”.

Tuesday Two For #250

We are still investigating the audio problem with our videos. Sound seems to be better equalized when the microphone is farther away from the sources. So, the next thing to try is repositioning the camera and use the zoom. Hopefully we’ll find a solution sooner rather than later. Meanwhile here is one if our test videos.

Friday Featurette #249

Here is a short clip of The Wife sneezing. In the video, you can hear the bed squeaking a bit in the background which you can’t in real life. Very strange. I’m really not sure what the problem is. But I’ll keep investigating. Anyway, have a great weekend, we’re going to enjoy the last three days of our vacation.

Traditional Thursday #249

I did some investigation of the problems with the audio and determined that the microphone picks up more noise bed than it actually being produced. The sound is there; but it isn’t as prominent in real life as it appears in the videos we make. I don’t know if it’s the location of the camera and attached microphone or if it’s a flaw in the sound pic up itself. But its MUCH louder relative to other sounds. Neither of our phones can be attached to a tripod but it we need to do some investigation with other cameras.

Traditional Thursday #246

Here is another short but high quality video with pretty good audio. We were out late enjoying the summer; but still took some time for our indoor activities. We really enjoy the long lazy days of summer (even though it is technically still spring). Sadly, the summer solstice occurs in a week and days will start getting shorter again.