Friday Featurette #283

I am definitely ready for the weekend. Even more so than usual. I caught a cold on Monday or Tuesday week and by Thursday I was so tired, I didn’t even have enough energy to go get my new eyeglasses even though they were ready. I’m feeling better today; but, still more sick than well. Going to spend some quality family time and try to recuperate as much as possible. Have a great weekend. See you on the other side.

Friday Featurette #282

It’s a couple of months early; but The Wife’s 30th anniversary gift arrived today. It was hard to keep it a secret since I ordered it months ago. But, its her now and today was a very good day. I’m sure we’ll be posting more about it later. Have a great weekend. I know we will. And enjoy the show.

Friday Featurette #281

I’m not a huge college basketball fan; but I due enjoy March Madness. Primarily because most of the “upsets” aren’t really upsets. The team that plays harder and better than their opponent usually wins. I don’t get caught up in records or seedings. You have to win six games in a row to win the championship. And all 6 games are played on the court and not in a computer or the mind of a talking head somewhere. It’s not what other people think. It’s what happens when it’s time to get to work. Ultimately, sport is a microcosm of life. Anyway, if you are not a fan, (or even if you are) here is a longer clip of the movie that we made. Have a great weekend.

Friday Featurette #280

The Husband on top of The Wife with her legs in the airI have to work on fixing yet another crisis again this weekend. Recently, it seems like crisis mode is the norm mode of operation. Once again, it’s cold and dreary outside so its tolerable. But, it still not fun. Where have all the normal weekends gone? I will actually be glad to get outside and roll the lumps out of my lawn even if pushing a lawn roller isn’t one of my favorite chores. Perhaps next weekend. Anyway, have a great weekend.

Friday Featurette #279

The Husband on top of The Wife with her legs togetherI had to work late today and will probably be working both days this weekend. And this comes on the day after being up until 3AM. I know that days like this are typical of my profession. But, that doesn’t magically make me less sleepy. Or give me extra days off when I want them. The only “good” thing it’s that it supposed to be cold. So, even if I wasn’t so busy, I wouldn’t be able to do much outside anyways. Have a great weekend.

Friday Featurette #278

The Wife sitting naked on the bed before a "photo" sessionRecently, we’ve been doing all of our chores on Saturday so we don’t have anything to do on Sunday and can just stay around the house and relax. So far, that has worked well even if the gym we usually go to is more crowded on Saturday mornings. It definitely makes the weekend seem a bit longer although we long for the days when we can get out on row on Sunday afternoons. We plan to do the same this week. Have a great weekend!

Friday Featurette #277

The Wife in the bathroom getting ready for a photo sessionWith all of the popular browser starting to display warnings about “insecure” sites, I’ve been experimenting with changing this blog to be secure only. Everything should be the same except the warning now should be replaced by a padlock icon. I don’t know if I’ll keep the configuration permanently. But, now, even If I revert back, I know the best way to set everything up when I need to. Yet one more task that is a lot more difficult to perform with WordPress than it should be.

Have a great weekend. We hope you have a Monday off and can enjoy a three day one.

Friday Featurette #274

We are definitely ready for the weekend. Its supposed to be warmer; but, wet and rainy. Better than cold and snowy but not nearly as good as hot and sunny. I don’t expect the weather to be warm enough to get out and row every January and February. But, there have been a lot of days where I needed my big coat. It’s probably wishful thinking; but I put the snow suit I wear to shovel back in the basement. We’ll see if I was being overly optimistic. “Light” snow is forecast for Monday. Here is a higher quality video than what we usually post. Have a great weekend.

Friday Featurette #273

The Husband on top of The Wife with her legs togetherI got my car back this week. They did a good job except for the delay while they waited for parts. It was weird not driving a smart car. I hadn’t realize how accustomed to technology that I had become. I drive our other cars regularly including a 20-yrear old sedan. But, the loaner seemed primitive considering it was a 2018. I was so glad to have it back that I just drove around while I updated the maps for the GPS. Our next vehicle purchase a long way off. But it’s definitely going to have as many if not more features than the one we have now.