Tuesday Two For #283

We haven’t had any “spring-like ” weather recently; but The Wife and I are rowing once again. So, even though we need to wear a thick base layer, it’s the unofficial start of our spring. Here is a video of the two us getting the party started after we got home from one of our rows. It was a good day both on and off the water.

Tuesday Two For #282

Some non-work-related things happened in real life that made today not the best of days. Nothing “important” in the big picture. Bit it still made for a somber day. So, today we’re just posting a quick video. The original is better than the transcoded copy but I didn’t feel like editing it or really doing much of anything. Hopefully tomorrow will be a better day.

Tuesday Two For #281

We had not made a video in a while so we decided to make one this week. We got a new tube of flavored lubricant over the weekend which always make for a good time. I wonder if the mailmen know what’s in the boxes they are delivering. For bedroom accessories as with most things these days, ordering online is easier than going to the store. These days, everything is safety-sealed. And, even if they weren’t, you can’t try stuff out in a store anyways.

Tuesday Two For #280

The Wife sitting naked on the bed with a hot washcloth on her faceRecently, The Wife has been using a hot washcloth on her face in the morning when she wakes up. Everyone has their morning routine. She doesn’t think it’s that unusual; but I know I would fall back asleep only to wake up some time later with a cold, wet towel on my face. Anyway, I thought it was interesting view. So, here is a picture I took before I left for work today.

Tuesday Two For #279

The Wife sitting naked on the bed before a "photo" sessionThe Wife had an appointment at the eye doctor shortly before our photo session and her eyes were still sensitive to light. So, we were unable to use the background lighting or the camera flash. As a result. The pictures are relatively dark and grainy. We both still had fun even if the photographs look like they were shot with a spy camera. More importantly, everything is well with her. We can always add to our photo collection another day.

Tuesday Two For #278

The Husband going down on The WifeI finally fixed a weird issue that I have been having with a computer that I upgraded to Windows 10. The “fix” was amazingly simple. Diagnosing the problem was the hard part. And, even though I know what’s happening, I still haven’t figured out why. I don’t like mysteries. Especially technical ones.

We had a brief taste of Spring today. One of those rare days February days where we could open all the windows during the day and get outside in the afternoon. I’m sure that we will be back to bundling up soon. But today was great. Even if it was only for one day.

Tuesday Two For #277

The Wife getting The Husband readyWhenever it’s cold and we have trouble turning on the fireplace, I think about fixing it. Sadly, it’s such a gigantic nuisance that I still haven’t gotten around to it. First, I have to remove the fake logs and the all lava rocks so I can reach the gas piping. Then I need to take out both the thermopile and the thermocouple. Clean them up enough to read the part numbers so that I can find replacements. Then put everything back together. Order the new parts. And do everything all over again in a week or two when the parts arrive. And that’s assuming that the needed parts are readily available. One of the problems with everything being available on the internet is that very little is available at local stores. And this is definitely the type of involved disassembly that I would prefer not to do twice. An ideal indoor task for a cold, rainy weekend in the summer. If I don’t forget when its ben months since we turned on the fireplace.

Tuesday Two For #274

We had planned to do some more things with this week’s video; but, unfortunately, I got busy doing some other things so all we have is a quick transcode of an intermediate product. We’ll finish editing and post the movie as we originally intended later on one of these days the we have technical difficulties. And, once again, sorry for the sound quality. Maybe we need to get a new bed.