Tuesday Two For #297

We’ve been rowing a lot this summer since it’s been mostly hot and dry. Occasionally we’ve had “scattered” thunderstorms; but not enough rain to make the river high and unrowable. And, when it did rain, it didn’t last long enough that we couldn’t row afterwards on these long summer days. according to my log I’ve rowed 18 consecutive days which is the most I’ve done. I know that streak will come to an end, so we’re going to enjoy these long days while we can.

Tuesday Two For #296

The Wife sucking The Husband's dickThere is probably too much light in this week’s set of pictures. It was bright and sunny outside so we wanted to leave the shades open. But the neighbor who lives behind us was having an outdoor party. So, we had to use the flash since there wasn’t quite enough light without it.

Tuesday Two For #295

Our air conditioning is broken again so we do not have the best photographs this week since we had to leave the windows open even though it was after sunset which and our camera is not the best at nighttime exposures with potion. We don’t know yet when we will be able to have the new one installed. It appears we’re going to have a hot Independence Day vacation.

The Wife sitting naked on the floor drying her hair

Tuesday Two For #294

With our summer tans and the extra sunlight in the evenings we’ve had some issues with the auto-flash not activating when it should. So, this week we decided to make a movie which doesn’t use the flash. Its not a solution for a light sensor which is sometimes confused. But, it works for now. The permanent resolution is a light kit which is maddening difficult to find in our price range. All the ones we’ve seen are to obtrusive and distracting for a bed cam. Its one more thing on our long to-to list.

Tuesday Two For #293

The Wife sitting naked on the bed before a "photo" sessionThe Wife is getting quite a tan from all of the biking and rowing that we have been doing. She wears shorter shorts and shirts with different sleeve lengths so it’s not as odd as mine. Hopefully we will get some more time in the pool to “fix” things. Of course, an uneven tan is a good problem to have. When we were having all of the dreary spring days I didn’t think that we would ever see the sun.

Tuesday Two For #291

Today was the start of a short week. It’s always easier to get back into the grove on Tuesday after a Monday holiday than on Monday after a Friday holiday. (Even though we are still count the days until next weekend.) Having a great holiday weekend like we did this past weekend did make it a bit more difficult. Hopefully there will be many more glorious days ahead this summer.