Traditional Thursday #78

The Husband on top of The Wife on top of the new bed set

Everyone is probably watching basketball, so we’re only posting one image today. As you can see, The Wife and I are really enjoying our new bed set.

Good luck to your teams this weekend.

Friday Featurette #61

The Wife relaxing naked on the bed after some fun over our vacationIt’s been a busy fall so it’s been a LONG time since we’ve been able to visit everyone’s blog. Our vacation this week had gone by quickly; but we plan on catching up over this weekend. It will definitely be a lot more fun that fighting the Black Friday crowds.

P.S. We plan on getting all the way to the bottom of our FB news feed too.

Wednesday Weirdness #49

Over the weekend, I took off my wedding ring to put a bandage (and ointment) on a blister and could not get it back on! I haven’t gained any weight recently. In fact, I weigh 155 pounds which is slightly less than “normal”. My hand didn’t look swollen; but that’s only reason I can think of. I’m not having any problems with it now; it slides on and off easily. I seldom take my ring off so it’s unlikely to happen again. Still, the fact that it happened once is kinda discombobulating.

Wednesday Weirdness #21

Our cable and internet provider called on Monday evening to let us know that they would be working in the area on Tuesday and that we would have intermittent connectivity. Of course this was after the cable was out the entire day on Monday. They charge a LOT of money to be so disorganized. It was even more aggravating than if they hadn’t called at all. I wish we had more options. They’re great so long as you don’t need anything from them. Otherwise, they’re worthless. And, they recently stared charging a monthly fee for equipment that used to be “free”. I wish I could get a raise so easily.

Monday Monologue #20

An interior monologue from me (and sometimes the wife).

  • An over the air update “un-rooted” my phone. I assumed that it would. I just wasn’t expecting to spend so much time regaining root access. Mobile phones are just finicky computers with much smaller screens and keyboards.
  • The local college basketball team is having its worst season in years. Unlike years past, they aren’t always even competitive at home. I’m only a casual fan; but, reminders of their woeful season are everywhere.
  • A deadline at work that’s not all that far away got moved up a week. I know what’s going on and why they did it; but, sometimes, I really, really wish weren’t so susceptible to external pressures. Especially since I don’t have anyone to help me complete the extra weeks work.
  • I’ve been so busy with things have I haven’t done much any blogging I what seems like forever. I’m going to make a point of catching up with everyone. Work never, ever goes away. And, if it does, you get laid off.

Wednesday Weirdness #4

I have a friend who keeps all of her photographs on her work computer. If she ever gets laid off, she’ll lose access to every digital photograph she’s ever taken. She can easily afford a computer; but, since the company provides a laptop, she doesn’t see the need. Somehow, she has even managed to convince herself that the network security police aren’t looking at her stuff.