Wednesday Weirdness #256

The hard drive on my computer at work went bad recently and needed to be replaced. Unfortunately, a few programs got corrupted before I noticed including Internet Explorer which is the hardest program ever to repair since it can’t easily be uninstalled and reinstalled. I was finally able to fix it this week; but, it took hours and hours because of all the Windows updates and reboots needed to get it back to the most recent version.

Wednesday Weirdness #255

Some idiot kid thought that it would be fun to ride his bicycle under our boat while we were carrying it rather than go around! He could have really gotten hurt if he ran into the rigger. And our boat could have been heavily damaged. I yelled at him; but, he didn’t care. He was just a complete jerk.

Wednesday Weirdness #254

We replaced all the wheels on the seats on our boat today. I hadn’t realized how worn they were. Just like everything else, you don’t realize when things slowly degrade over time. The new ones don’t squeak and roll much more smoothly. I guess that’s yet one more thing that we need to do every year or so.

Wednesday Weirdness #253

There is a new version of WordPress available which apparently fixes some of the things that the last update broke. IT would be better to NOT break things. But, when you use “free” software, you get what you get. And, in some cases what you get is a gigantic nuisance.

Wednesday Weirdness #252

I found an exact replacement for a broken tilter gear in some wooden mini blinds that were custom built many, many years ago. Usually I’m not suprised by what’s available online; but, I certainly wasn’t expecting such a close match. Especially considering I’m having a difficult time finding a replacement battery for our camera and it’s a lot newer.

Wednesday Weirdness #251

My car was not in the shop very long. It had a bad battery. Easy to diagnose. But, strange since the battery and the car were both brand new when we purchased the vehicle. And considering that it worked fine for almost a year. Its fixed now. Anyway, its fixed now I have my preferred vehicle back.

Wednesday Weirdness #250

It was 90-degrees with 95-percent humidity today. Most people can’t stand weather like this; but I like it. It’s much preferred to the winter. I long for days like today in January and February when every day is cold and dreary and the sun is a distant memory.

Wednesday Weirdness #249

I have to work tonight even though I’m in the middle of a long-scheduled vacation. Stuff happens sometimes. But; I’m not happy because I think it could have been easily avoided with better planning.

Wednesday Weirdness #248

Amazingly, I just received an email update for to a bug report that I filed almost 7 years ago! Apparently, the problem is still going on. I haven’t had problems since I use different software these days. But, people who have a similar configuration to what I had back then still encounter the issue.

Wednesday Weirdness #247

I found a medium sized dead thing floating in the pool when I woke up today. So, I scooped it up with the net, disposed of it, and put everything away. Then when I checked the skimmers, I found another dead thing in one of the baskets and had to do everything all over again. I know that it’s bound to happen occasionally if you have a pool. But, twice in the same day was sad.