Wednesday Weirdness #262

We just replaced our deskside shredder which broke over the weekend. It’s quieter even though it’s the same model which is probably why the old one broke. We didn’t realize the motor in the old one had gotten so loud. That’s the way of things; but I still don’t like unexpected surprises.

Wednesday Weirdness #261

I changed/upgraded my internet service over my lunch break. Of course our home didn’t have any connectivity until I got home and installed the new equipment since they deactivated the old equipment even though they weren’t supposed to. Fortunately, The Wife was taking the afternoon off. I really can’t understand why service providers make things so difficult for their customers and themselves.

Monday Monologue #261

An interior monologue from me (and sometimes the wife).

  • It’s been relatively warm and dry recently so I decided not to cut the grass this weekend. Hopefully we will have some rains overnight one day soon or we’ll have to start watering the grass it which is rare for this is late in the year.
  • My next-door neighbor did cut his grass even though he didn’t need too. His lawn is almost exactly the same height as it was. I’m just glad most of our yard is fenced so he doesn’t damage too much of our lawn with his excessive mowing.
  • We have to check what time the sun goes down every day before we go rowing to make sure we’re not on the water after dusk and will still have enough light to put our boat away. We don’t have much longer to do things outside in the evenings.
  • I did finally get my email back at work today. Mostly. I have a lot of duplicate emails. And all of the rules and alerts I created over the years to keep my inbox from overflowing were gone. So, I have a lot of cleanup to do. And, of course, I’m behind on things that I didn’t know I was responsible for until today.

Monday Monologue #260

An interior monologue from me (and sometimes the wife).

  • The recharged air conditioner cooled things down very efficiently and we had a cool Friday night and a comfortable weekend generally.
  • The Wife and I rowed extra on Sunday even though it was blazing hot. Mostly because it’s one of the last hot days of the summer. Sadly, we will be back to normal late September temperatures by the end of the week. We hate to see the end of summer.
  • We also got in the pool both days. It was glorious. It was probably for the last time of the year; but, it was a great way to end the pool season.
  • Due to a glitch from maintenance over the weekend, I have no email at work. In fact, I can’t even start Outlook and look back over old emails. And no matter how many times I personally tell people that I don’t have email, people continue to message me and wonder why I don’t respond.


Wednesday Weirdness #259

I’ve been dealing a lot recently with a scatterbrained person who “remembers” things that are totally inaccurate. She gets everything and everybody confused. I don’t even know what to tell her since I have no idea what concerns me that she might be mixing up with someone else. Everything is a big disorganized mess.

Wednesday Weirdness #257

I finally got my gas trimer back from the repair shop after having to use the corded electric one all summer. It took a long, long time to get the correct parts from the manufacturer. I’ll barely use it this year since were so late into the mowing season. Hopefully it won’t break down again next season when the warranty has expired after I lost four months of use this year.

Wednesday Weirdness #256

The hard drive on my computer at work went bad recently and needed to be replaced. Unfortunately, a few programs got corrupted before I noticed including Internet Explorer which is the hardest program ever to repair since it can’t easily be uninstalled and reinstalled. I was finally able to fix it this week; but, it took hours and hours because of all the Windows updates and reboots needed to get it back to the most recent version.

Wednesday Weirdness #253

There is a new version of WordPress available which apparently fixes some of the things that the last update broke. IT would be better to NOT break things. But, when you use “free” software, you get what you get. And, in some cases what you get is a gigantic nuisance.

Monday Monologue #252

An interior monologue from me (and sometimes the wife).

  • After my problems last week, I bought some jumper cables to put in my new vehicle even though its less than a year old. Hopefully I won’t need them; but it will save time if I ever do. Definitely quicker than calling roadside assistance. Of course, with two new vehicles, I thought that I was done with doing stuff like that.
  • We got absolutely soaked during our row on Friday. Heavy rain (but, thankfully, no lightning) suddenly popped not once but twice. Then the sun came back out. Of course, we were quite wet by then. Fortunately, it initially was a warm July day so we didn’t get too cold.
  • I finally got a small battery backup for our desktop computer. It won’t help for the longer power outages that we always seem to have. But, we’ve had a bunch of short ones where the power was off just long enough to restart the computer. Now we won’t lose our work when that happens.
  • We did another evening row today. Except for putting things away in the dark, we both kinda like rowing whine the sun is going down. Especially when its sunny and warm. A lot better than the days when we want/need the afternoon sun to make it warm enough to row.

Monday Monologue #251

An interior monologue from me (and sometimes the wife).

  • My almost new car wouldn’t start on Saturday morning! Not the best way to start the weekend. Especially since it will be a couple of days before I can schedule an appointment.
  • I edged and trimmed everything even the occasional areas with my old electric trimmer since my gas one is still broken. Ad of course I cut the grass. So, our yard looks really nice; especially with all the rain.
  • The wife and I got in the pool both days this weekend. It was glorious. Actually, not super-hot; but the “feels like” temperature was in the 90s.
  • The data center that our mail server is in had a total network outage on today. We were disconnected for several hours today. And its only Monday.