Monday Monologue #267

An interior monologue from me (and sometimes the wife).

  • I cleaned the oven on Saturday since I probably won’t be able to do it for a long time. It was actually a “good” day for it. It was so windy I only needed to open a couple of windows to get enough ventilation.
  • The weather men were not wrong about the weather this weekend. It rained a LOT on Saturday. And Sunday was cold and windy. It took quite a while for us to warm up after being outside for so long.
  • I scheduled some regular maintenance on my car on Friday. I’m hoping for a shorter wait than usual. Hopefully not too many other people had the same idea. The shop I use is not near a mall or any big shopping centers.
  • We haven’t rowed in two weeks and it already seems like an eternity. Its going to be a long winter.

Monday Monologue #265

An interior monologue from me (and sometimes the wife).

  • It was much too cold and far too wet for me to cut the grass this weekend. It’s going to be awhile since there isn’t enough light left in the evenings when I get home from work.
  • I washed our car only to have it rained on with a really dirty rain. I like to get the road grime off even if some precipitation is forecast; but, this was one of those occasions where it was pointless.
  • I ended up being outside more that I wanted too on Saturday and Sunday. Glad that I have good equipment and wasn’t too miserable. But some sun world has been nice.
  • The new wallet I got organizes things more efficiently but I haven’t gotten used to it yet and am still having a hard time quickly locating things.

Wednesday Weirdness #264

I tried a can of the new Coke Zero Sugar earlier today and decided that it’s an acceptable replacement for the Coke Zero that I typically drink so long as there is a caffeine-free version. I try and avoid caffeinated drinks as much as possible. Otherwise, I have days like today where I’m still awake even though its late and I should be sleeping.

Monday Monologue #258

An interior monologue from me (and sometimes the wife).

  • Both our favorite college and professional football teams endured thorough beatings this weekend. Hopefully they can regroup; but, right now, it’s still kinda depressing.
  • It didn’t need that much; but we put water in the pool for the first time on Saturday. Its definitely been a wetter summer than previous years.
  • It was good to have my more powerful gas-powered trimmer back from the shop. I did all the areas I hand been mostly neglecting due to the difficulty of using my corded electric trimmer.
  • My weight has been staying around 150lbs since I gave up eating snacks at the beginning of last month. I knew I snacked too much; but I still didn’t think it would have such a dramatic effect.

Wednesday Weirdness #251

My car was not in the shop very long. It had a bad battery. Easy to diagnose. But, strange since the battery and the car were both brand new when we purchased the vehicle. And considering that it worked fine for almost a year. Its fixed now. Anyway, its fixed now I have my preferred vehicle back.

Wednesday Weirdness #243

Today I experienced an epic fail on the part of someone that will probably be irritating me for weeks since I’m the one who whose daily life will be disrupted. I’m aggravated, frustrated and angry all at the same time. A year from now it won’t be a big deal. But, for the next few weeks, I’ll be constantly inconvenienced.

Monday Monologue #243

An interior monologue from me (and sometimes the wife).

  • We had a great day of racing on Saturday. The Wife and I make a pretty good team mostly because she makes up for my deficiencies. And, we’re still improving.
  • Once again, I couldn’t cut the grass along the back line. If it’s too wet, it’s too wet. But its mildly irritating have a yard that’s mostly neat except for one area.
  • I had to call customer support for something today and, for once, the representative wasn’t in an off-shore call center somewhere. Unlike most of the calls I’ve made about broken items needing repair, the call was quick and painless.
  • We both can’t wait for Memorial Day weekend. Just knowing that next week is a short week makes this week seem shorter.

Wednesday Weirdness #242

One of the companies that I do business with now charges a fee to pay by check. Instead of giving a discount if you pay electronically. They penalize you for paying by check. The fee is big enough to have the desired effect and I am now paying online. But I will soon not be paying them anything as soon as I can get things arranged. Especially since there was no advance notice. Just an additional charge on my bill.

Wednesday Weirdness #238

The expiration date for the license plates on one of our vehicles have had the wrong expiration date for years and no one at the Bureau of Motor Vehicles could seem to fix it. The best they could say was that I should have checked my information more carefully before I left the counter when the typographical error as first made. Very annoying having registrations expire at different times.  I was pleasantly surprised when I when I made a change online and it was updated automatically. So, obviously, there was an easy way to do it. Unfortunately, people working at government bureaucracies seldom even try to be helpful anymore.

Monday Monologue #233

An interior monologue from me (and sometimes the wife).

  • The way the weather in March is going, we may end up having rowed more in February. Like much of the country, a BIG snowstorm is on the way. We know it’s going to snow. The only question is how much.
  • We usually keep our boat inside over the winter; but, because of the unusual weather, we’ve already moved it outside and prepared it for the season. It will be fine; but, it will be strange seeing it covered in snow.
  • I’m not fully recovered yet; but I feel better than I have in weeks. I’m not sure why I’ve been unable to completely regenerate. I’m really looking forward to the day when I have my normal/full complement of energy. Hopefully it will be soon.
  • If it wasn’t covered with snow, I would probably need to cut the grass. Partly because I like to keep it long over the winter; and partly because its already started to grow again. It’s not growing like it does in May. But it’s not brown and dormant any more either.