Wednesday Weirdness #299

The work area for a totally unrelated pipeline project has moved into the construction zone of a nearby running bridge reconstruction. What used to be a busy six lane road is now down to one lane in each direction. So now traffic backs up a long way since there aren’t many routes across the river. I really wonder who though that two simultaneous projects in the same area was a good idea.

Monday Monologue #294

An interior monologue from me (and sometimes the wife).

  • Our rowing is still improving. We just wish there were more nearby races that we could attend. We know that we’re faster from our informal competitions. But it would be nice to have some official results.
  • It rained a bit on Saturday afternoon; but we were able to get into the pool on Sunday. Temperatures were in the 90s both days so it was good.
  • I fixed a broken piece on the dishwasher for the third time today. I understand that they need to make certain parts out of plastic. But they could still be more durable.
  • The air-conditioner has been running almost non-stop during the current heat wave. I don’t even want to think about our next electric bill.

Monday Monologue #287

An interior monologue from me (and sometimes the wife).

  • It rained today which was an improvement, comparatively speaking, over the snow that we had the previous three Mondays. Still, we are tired of all the wet rainy days.
  • I cut our grass for the first time of the season on Sunday. Its late for the first cut. But it has been so cold that that the grass really hasn’t grown much. Before I mowed, it wasn’t much taller than the neighbor who always cuts his.
  • We order a new bed today. It should theoretically be here on Wednesday. It’s a nuisance since we have to get all new stuff; but we decided to get a queen size. I’m not sure the extra 6-inches of width will make much difference.
  • We were able to row both days this weekend. Ordinarily, that would not be notable. But this weekend was actually the first time this cold, wet spring we were able to row both days.

Wednesday Weirdness #286

A small trim piece on my car got broken while we were on our road trip this weekend. Unfortunately, I will not be replacing it any time soon since it is only sold as part of a much larger assembly that cost several hundred dollars. It makes no sense that such an easily breakable piece is not sold separately. I highly doubt anyone is spending several hundred dollars when all they need is a small piece of plastic.

Monday Monologue #284

An interior monologue from me (and sometimes the wife).

  • We had a great weekend. I was even good to see the dogs. Primarily because they always accompany the daughter. And we don’t see her nearly as much as we would like since she moved away.
  • I somehow misplaced a five-dollar bill. Obviously, it’s not the end of the world. But, regardless of the amount, it’s the type of thing that annoys me. I’m hoping it will turn up soon. Otherwise, I’ll be slightly aggravated every time I think about it.
  • We rowed today even though it was cold. Mostly because it’s the only day that we we’ll be able to for a while. The weather in April looks like it may be just as unfriendly to rowing as the weather in March. And sunshine has been almost non-existent this spring.
  • I broke a tooth. Of course, it was late in the day after the dentists; office had closed. So, I don’t even know when I’ll be able to have it take care of.

Wednesday Weirdness #281

I was reading in the newspaper, that a constrict project in the area that was started earlier this year is already a month begin. How do you get that far behind when you haven’t yet even been working for three months? That does not bode well for the rest of the project. Especially since the delay is not weather-related.

Monday Monologue #280

An interior monologue from me (and sometimes the wife).

  • I had a productive weekend workwise. It’s good that I got everything accomplished that I need to. Bu, its bad that my weekend wasn’t really my own. Hopefully the only thing I will need to do over the weekend in the near future is relax.
  • I ate too many Girl Scout cooks since they got delivered this past week. There is no such thing as too many cookies. But it does make for longer workouts to burn the extra calories.
  • The Wife had the head on her diamond ring replaced since the prongs were worn down after many years of regular use. Hopefully, the new setting will last for another 30 years.
  • I still can’t believe that it’s been over 32 years since I purchased her diamond. It doesn’t seem nearly that long ago. Where did the time go? I remember the days when we were first getting to know each other like they happened yesterday.

Monday Monologue #279

An interior monologue from me (and sometimes the wife).

  • We had the highest water we’ve seen in many, many years this weekend. Even though its warm (for February), we won’t be rowing any time soon. We just hoping we don’t have an unusually wet spring. Thankfully, it seems that the bitter cold weather is over for the year. Although it will probably snow again.
  • We’ve only been able to workout outside a few times this winter. It’s either been cold or snowy or rainy or some combination. It was warm enough this weekend and wasn’t raining all the time; but, unfortunately, the park was under water.
  • This past week, I’ve been uninstalling programs from our computer that we don’t use any more. Usually there are only a few; but, this time, I’ve actually created quite a bit of space. I also updated the programs we do use that don’t have auto update capability.
  • I thought about doing our taxes; but that’s as close as I got. We still have six weeks and I am in no hurry to mail a big check. We always send in our return the last week anyway so that we keep our money as long as possible.

Wednesday Weirdness #278

I discovered today that I accidentally paid the wrong company when I was paying bills last week. I’ve now sent money to the correct payee; but there is no easy way to get the money back from the wrong one. As much as we do things online, it was bound to happen eventually. The only “good” thing is that the misdirected payment went to a vendor we pay regularly. So, we will be able to use the expected credit on our account and will not have the trouble of requesting a refund.

Monday Monologue #278

An interior monologue from me (and sometimes the wife).

  • I donated blood on Friday for the first time in a long time and it was just as uncomfortable as always. I’ve been donating regularly since I was in college and I still HATE the feeling of a needle in my arm.
  • Yesterday’s All-Star game was actually competitive and entertaining. A lot different than the games of the past several years that were all offense and no defense. And, no one got hurt despite playing hard.
  • I did not have today off from work. I never do and its usually not noteworthy. Except today was 70-degrees, which is likely a record high temperature for around here in February.
  • We are not too far from the time change after which it will be light enough (and hopefully warm enough) for us to row in the evening. Winter isn’t over; but, spring doesn’t seem quite so far away.