Wednesday Weirdness #261

I changed/upgraded my internet service over my lunch break. Of course our home didn’t have any connectivity until I got home and installed the new equipment since they deactivated the old equipment even though they weren’t supposed to. Fortunately, The Wife was taking the afternoon off. I really can’t understand why service providers make things so difficult for their customers and themselves.

Monday Monologue #257

An interior monologue from me (and sometimes the wife).

  • Saturday was wet and dreary; but we were able to get in the pool both yesterday and today. A great way to commemorate the symbolic end of summer.
  • Looking forward to pro football season. Hope springs eternal for the downtrodden fans of our favorite team.  Especially before the first game of the season. Perhaps the weather will cooperate and we’ll be able to get attend some games in person without freezing.
  • I replaced one more item on our boat that I didn’t think needed to be replaced but was actually more worn out than I thought. We row it a lot so things get worn out faster than if we didn’t use it so much. Hopefully this is the last thing for the season.
  • For some strange reason, an old computer game that is a favorite of The Wife and I has been crashing a lot recently. I’m not sure what, if anything, has changed; but it’s frustrating, especially when we’re winning.

Wednesday Weirdness #256

The hard drive on my computer at work went bad recently and needed to be replaced. Unfortunately, a few programs got corrupted before I noticed including Internet Explorer which is the hardest program ever to repair since it can’t easily be uninstalled and reinstalled. I was finally able to fix it this week; but, it took hours and hours because of all the Windows updates and reboots needed to get it back to the most recent version.

Monday Monologue #254

An interior monologue from me (and sometimes the wife).

  • The events of this past weekend went well. Despite rain on Friday and Sunday. the weather on Saturday was great and everyone had a good time. And, it’s getting to be normal behavior; but the temporary dog was very well behaved.
  • I had my car in the shop for what should have been a simple task which ended up taking hours. New vehicles are nice; but they all of their electronics makes them extremely complicated.
  • I purposefully didn’t cut the grass over the weekend. It isn’t too long yet; but it will be by next weekend. Especially if it rains. But that’s the way of things. I would rather be cutting grass tan shoveling snow.
  • We had a great row today. We can go faster than we thought we could when we are adding speed and power. All of the work we’ve done this summer has been beneficial.

Wednesday Weirdness #253

There is a new version of WordPress available which apparently fixes some of the things that the last update broke. IT would be better to NOT break things. But, when you use “free” software, you get what you get. And, in some cases what you get is a gigantic nuisance.

Wednesday Weirdness #248

Amazingly, I just received an email update for to a bug report that I filed almost 7 years ago! Apparently, the problem is still going on. I haven’t had problems since I use different software these days. But, people who have a similar configuration to what I had back then still encounter the issue.

Wednesday Weirdness #246

Even though its only been three weeks since the last update, I just installed yet another version of WordPress, the blog software we use. The frequent updates are becoming a pain; especially with their tendency to break plugins. I can’t see how all these releases can possibly be thoroughly tested; and judging from all the bugs found after their release, it doesn’t appear that they are.

Wednesday Weirdness #241

I installed the Windows 10 Creators Update today which promptly broke Microsoft Edge among other things. It took hours of deleting files, rebooting and reregistering apps in order to get everything working. The Wife’s installation works fine; but mine has always been had issues whenever there’s been an update. I’m so used to reimporting lost bookmarks and reconfiguring my settings that I almost don’t consider that a problem any more. Everything appears to be fixed now. Hopefully there won’t be another big update for along time.

Wednesday Weirdness #235

I spent almost four hours at the dealership today trying to have the computer on my new car reprogrammed. Unfortunately, there efforts were a complete and total failure and I’ll have to return at some point in the future when they figure out how to actually do it. In the meantime, I’ve got a “high-tech” vehicle that is intermittently missing all technology that I got it for.

Monday Monologue #235

An interior monologue from me (and sometimes the wife).

  • I hope that I didn’t jinx myself; but, I put the snow shovels back in the basement and change my reconfigured my outdoor power equipment for grass cutting mode. I also mowed the grass for the first time of the season. It’s definitely spring.
  • The computer that controls all of the “smart” features on our new vehicle is was having problems over the weekend. I didn’t realize how used to the features I had become until they weren’t working. I called the dealership and the advisor seemed familiar with the issue; so, presumably, they can fix it.
  • I saw someone deliberately drive the wrong way on a one-way street today because they didn’t feel like going around the block. It was clear that they knew exactly what they were doing from the way that they stopped and checked traffic beforehand.
  • We rowed today for the fourth consecutive day. That wouldn’t be significant in the middle of the summer; but it’s glorious from March.