Tuesday Two For #254

The Wife standing naked in front of the mirror drying her hairWe haven’t made a lot of progress toward fixing the sound tracks on videos. The best solution would be to reduce the noise at its source; but, there isn’t an easy way to do that besides getting a new bed. The second-best solution would be to take pictures elsewhere; but that isn’t regularly possible, especially with our summer schedule. So, it’s still on the to-do list as we search for alternatives.

Friday Featurette #252

The Wife sitting naked on the bed before a "photo" sessionHere is a still photograph from the beginning of the video we made to help get ready for the weekend. We’ve got a busy Saturday and a relaxing Sunday planned, which, recently, seems like a typical summer weekend for us.

Have a great weekend yourselves!

Friday Featurette #251

The Wife standing naked in front of the mirror drying her hairI found the “good” battery to our camera. Unfortunately, I somehow mixed it up with the “bad” one and don’t know which is which. It’s obvious when the bad one is being used because the camera dies so quickly. I hope to make a “test” movie to identify the good one.

Unfortunately, not many photos or videos from our last session. Here is a still of a movie that we started to make.

Have a great weekend.

Friday Featurette #242

The Wife standing naked in front of the mirror drying her hairThe Wife and I are on the road this coming weekend. It’s supposed to be HOT where we’re going. After all the cold, wet days this spring, we’re actually kinda looking forward to it. Of course, we might not like it so well when were actually there. But, it most certainly beats the soggy, wet days that we’ve had so many of around here. And, when it’s not dumb due to malfunctioning components, our new SUV is great for road trips. Plenty of horsepower for the highway, all the latest smart car the technology, comfortable and fun to drive. It definitely makes road trips easy.

Have a great weekend. See you on the other side.

Friday Featurette #240

The Husband and The Wife enjoying a moment togetherThe Wife and I haven’t been able to row much recently because of all the high water. We both miss it; but we do have “extra” time. We can’t do much outside because of all the rain; but I have been able to catch up on a few inside chores. We’re still looking forward to the weekend even though we will likely be inside most of the time. Stay safe. Stay dry. And have a great weekend.

Tuesday Two For #240

The Wife getting The Husband ready for actionI can’t believe it’s already May. I’m not complaining. It just doesn’t seem that long ago that we were rowing in February. Probably because it was warmer in then than it is now. There’s more sunlight, but the past few days have been thoroughly unrowable (which is unusual for this time of year). We both enjoy the burning hot days of summer and wish they had already started. You can never have too much war summery weather.