Monday Monologue #261

An interior monologue from me (and sometimes the wife).

  • It’s been relatively warm and dry recently so I decided not to cut the grass this weekend. Hopefully we will have some rains overnight one day soon or we’ll have to start watering the grass it which is rare for this is late in the year.
  • My next-door neighbor did cut his grass even though he didn’t need too. His lawn is almost exactly the same height as it was. I’m just glad most of our yard is fenced so he doesn’t damage too much of our lawn with his excessive mowing.
  • We have to check what time the sun goes down every day before we go rowing to make sure we’re not on the water after dusk and will still have enough light to put our boat away. We don’t have much longer to do things outside in the evenings.
  • I did finally get my email back at work today. Mostly. I have a lot of duplicate emails. And all of the rules and alerts I created over the years to keep my inbox from overflowing were gone. So, I have a lot of cleanup to do. And, of course, I’m behind on things that I didn’t know I was responsible for until today.

Monday Monologue #260

An interior monologue from me (and sometimes the wife).

  • The recharged air conditioner cooled things down very efficiently and we had a cool Friday night and a comfortable weekend generally.
  • The Wife and I rowed extra on Sunday even though it was blazing hot. Mostly because it’s one of the last hot days of the summer. Sadly, we will be back to normal late September temperatures by the end of the week. We hate to see the end of summer.
  • We also got in the pool both days. It was glorious. It was probably for the last time of the year; but, it was a great way to end the pool season.
  • Due to a glitch from maintenance over the weekend, I have no email at work. In fact, I can’t even start Outlook and look back over old emails. And no matter how many times I personally tell people that I don’t have email, people continue to message me and wonder why I don’t respond.


Wednesday Weirdness #256

The hard drive on my computer at work went bad recently and needed to be replaced. Unfortunately, a few programs got corrupted before I noticed including Internet Explorer which is the hardest program ever to repair since it can’t easily be uninstalled and reinstalled. I was finally able to fix it this week; but, it took hours and hours because of all the Windows updates and reboots needed to get it back to the most recent version.

Monday Monologue #255

An interior monologue from me (and sometimes the wife).

  • The eclipse today was super cool. We don’t live in the path of the totality; but it still got dark enough that wildlife was confused. Birds were flying around confused and roosting for the night. Water fowl got out of the water. And other things like that. Glad we decided to go watch it outdoors.
  • Our vacation was great! Almost enough to keep us going until Labor Day. We really hated to see it end. Especially since the weather around here is turning cooler after having 90-degrees temperatures every day while we were on vacation.
  • I had to have the hard drive replaced on my computer at work. Unfortunately, a few programs were corrupted before I noticed including Internet Explorer which seems impossible to fully uninstall and reinstall. And a lot of other automatically applications send you to web sites using the default browser.
  • I’m more relaxed than I was before our vacation; but I’m so far behind at work that I’m sure it’s going to take me all week to catch up. But, our vacation was definitely worth it.

Wednesday Weirdness #249

I have to work tonight even though I’m in the middle of a long-scheduled vacation. Stuff happens sometimes. But; I’m not happy because I think it could have been easily avoided with better planning.

Monday Monologue #245

An interior monologue from me (and sometimes the wife).

  • The Wife and I were outside for most of the weekend. It was hot and sunny the entire time. We would have preferred a bit cooler; but it was definitely much better than cold and rainy. And, we were on the water which is always good.
  • I couldn’t get the lid back on our chlorine feeder on Sunday which was a problem since we can’t run the pump with the chlorine feeder open. It was stuck so firmly that pieces of rubber came off the hammer I was using to “persuade” it. After a while, I did get it tight enough to run the pump. But now I need a new hammer and, of course, a new automatic chlorine feeder.
  • The Wife and I did our first twilight row of the year today. It was good. We used to never row when it was getting dark; but now we kinda like it. It rained earlier in the evening but was clear and dry for our row.
  • I am triple-booked at work for lunchtime meetings on Wednesday. The only think that I hate worse than lunchtime meetings are multiple lunchtime meetings where people are complaining that I can’t make their meeting at a time where I shouldn’t even be in the office; let alone in another meeting.

Monday Monologue #240

An interior monologue from me (and sometimes the wife).

  • I cut most of the grass on Saturday during one of the breaks in the rain. Its nice having a lawn mower that doesn’t bog down in heavy wet grass. Several areas were too wet; but, and will need to dry out for a while after it stops raining.
  • One of the many meetings I attend at work got cancelled today. It’s not likely; but I’m hoping that several others follow suit.
  • My reward for leaving work at a “normal” time on Friday is a task that must be done after hours today. Hopefully everything goes smoothly and I won’t be up too late. Definitely not the best way to start the week.
  • We are opening our pool this week! Hopefully the water will not be over flowing because of all the rain. Of course, it’s supposed to be cool and wet this week so we won’t be getting in as soon as its ready.

Monday Monologue #239

An interior monologue from me (and sometimes the wife).
  • The Wife and I were looking at old photographs over the weekend. It’s amazing how much clothing and hair styles have changed. Especially since the 90s don’t seem that long ago in our mind.
  • I was super busy yesterday; mostly because it was cool and windy on Saturday so I crammed everything into one day.
  • For once, I’m not drowning in work. But only because I’m waiting on things from other people. Then I’m right back to the same old situation.
  • My next-door neighbor still cuts his grass even though he has a lawn service. So, for the last few weeks, it’s been mowed four times a week. I’m not sure why he can’t wait. Especially since they always seem to come out the day after he cuts it.

Wednesday Weirdness #233

I know it goes with the territory; but, I am drowning in meetings at work. My calendar is so full that I’ve recently started to get invitations to early morning meetings or lunchtime meetings since that is the only time that is “available”. And most of the meetings are pointless and really don’t require my participation. Email is mostly good; but, I’m pretty sure I didn’t have so many meetings years ago, when meeting invites had to be distributed by hand. Unfortunately, those days are never coming back.

Wednesday Weirdness #230

In addition to my normal work, I am working on three other “high priority” projects. Of course, the managers of each one act like their project is the only thing I have to do. I’d love to have a single task to focus on; but that’s not possible. So, at any given point in time, two people are complaining about what I’m (not) doing. Friday cannot come soon enough.