Tuesday Two For #353

The Husband and The Wife getting ready for actionI’ve been online less this week than usual since I had some work dumped on me at the last minute. Its never fun to do another people’s job for them; especially when they have had plenty of time to learn how to do it themselves. It’s even less fun when you have drop everything else because they didn’t tell you until right before the deadline.

Monday Monologue #353

An interior monologue from me (and sometimes the wife)

  • We had more free time this past weekend than usual since we didn’t have to do any yard work. I didn’t cut even the grass. After a wet, soggy spring, this has been a very dry summer. Mowing the lawn isn’t a favorite activity. But I would like just enough rain to keep the grass green.
  • We had some good rowing today and over the weekend. Unfortunately, its usually starting to get dark when we finish our weekday evening rows. So, we are rushing to get everything put away. But the weather has been warm.
  • There were some wacky games; but we still enjoyed the start of the pro football season. We lost whatever interest we had in baseball long ago. But we still follow our favorite college and professional football teams. Hopefully they will have good seasons.
  • We’ve had to add so much water to the pool this summer that I’ve needed to rebalance the chemistry multiple times. Usually all I have to do is occasionally add chlorine. But, adding a lot water from the hose to replace water that evaporated changes things.

Friday Featurette #352

The Husband and The Wife enjoying a moment togetherThere was a bit of a chill in the air this evening when we rowed. Not enough to be cold. But it’s definitely not high summer any more. And, it was dark when we finished even though it wasn’t late when we started. We don’t mind fall weather. But we really enjoy hot, sunny summer weather. And winter weather is the worst. Hopefully warm weather will linger on for a long time. Have a great weekend.

Wednesday Weirdness #352

The river we row on has more obstacles than usually because of the low water level. Stumps and other debris that would ordinally wash downstream gets stuck on the bottom and becomes a hazard. Low water is more of a nuisance than we would have thought. We can still row; but it comes with its own problems.

Tuesday Two For #352

The Husband and The Wife getting warmed upThe Wife and I both feel pretty good despite all the toiling that we did in the yard over the weekend. We still were able to find the time row so it wasn’t all work and no fun. The water level in the river is as low as we’ve ever seen it. It’s still fun; but we have to be careful when we are rowing since boats are so fragile. A long drought was very unexpected after such a wet spring. This has been a very strange year weather-wise.

Monday Monologue #352

An interior monologue from me (and sometimes the wife)
  • Today would have been a good day to get into the pool. Unfortunately, the day started out foggy and cloudy so I didn’t think about turning on the heater until it was too late.
  • We haven’t been able to get in the pool as much as we would like this year. It rained a lot in the spring and early summer. Then when it was warm, there were a lot of afternoon thunderstorms though there was very little actual rain.
  • We spent a lot of the Labor Day weekend doing yard work that had been put off. Its all done now. But it was a lot to do.
  • I cut the grass on Saturday. It was uneven; but not really high considering how long it has been. The super wet weather followed by hot, dry conditions has really been hard on our yard.