Friday Featurette

I’ve kinda missed blogging during the month that we’ve been away. I know that it’s not as trendy as Facebook or Twitter; but, as an “old timer”, things seemed out of sorts without a NSFW outlet.

We plan to make a movie to celebrate our return. I haven’t yet got a video player plugin setup so I’m not sure when we would post it. Here is a quick test video using a crude plugin I just threw together. Let us know what you think.

Wednesday Weirdness

Earlier this week when I was walking to my noontime workout, I came across a baggie lying on the sidewalk. Who drops their stash and doesn’t notice. I just left it. When I went by again it was gone. I wonder if they came back and picked it up or if it found a new owner.

Monday Monologue

An interior monologue from me (and sometimes the wife).

  • It’s been an “interesting” experience setting up the new web server. The WordPress part was almost exactly the same. And the Apache and MySQL portions were only slightly more difficult. But CentOS is not my friend. I’ve finally tamed it; but it took a lot of reading.
  • This server isn’t “live” yet; but we are getting an amazing number of hackers. The passwords are “strong” so it’s mostly an annoyance; but it’s much more difficult to troubleshoot problems when the logs are full of access denied errors.
  • I’ve been so busy with techno-geekly stuff that I haven’t spent a lot of time on online recently. I’m looking forward to catching up with FB and blogging very soon.
  • We’re going to keep this theme for a while; even though it’s definitely not in its final configuration. And, we finally have a website and email addresses to leave comments when we are blogging!

We’re Back!

We just couldn’t stay away. We’ll we could have; but we didn’t want to. We would have been back sooner except for privacy concerns and some technical difficulties. It’s not easy to find a provider who doesn’t mind NSFW work content (as opposed to one who doesn’t notice). We never did locate anyplace that satisfied all of the requirements. Ultimately, I decided it would be easier to switch technology platforms and learn something new. (From WAMP to LAMP if you are interested.) And, the creative stuff was the last obstacle. Our old personas are gone forever. It’s better that way; but they were very familiar. We’re still adjusting to the new us. Otherwise, everything will be the same as always. Although we do plan to be more consistent with our updates. We’re still “moving in”; but we hope to not have too many growing pains.