We’re Back!

We just couldn’t stay away. We’ll we could have; but we didn’t want to. We would have been back sooner except for privacy concerns and some technical difficulties. It’s not easy to find a provider who doesn’t mind NSFW work content (as opposed to one who doesn’t notice). We never did locate anyplace that satisfied all of the requirements. Ultimately, I decided it would be easier to switch technology platforms and learn something new. (From WAMP to LAMP if you are interested.) And, the creative stuff was the last obstacle. Our old personas are gone forever. It’s better that way; but they were very familiar. We’re still adjusting to the new us. Otherwise, everything will be the same as always. Although we do plan to be more consistent with our updates. We’re still “moving in”; but we hope to not have too many growing pains.


    • Chickie: As the “regular” NFL officials have been saying at this week’s games, “it’s good to be back”! I think it’s great that you are our first commenter since you were also the one of the first visitors to our old blog too!

    • KaziGrrl: We didn’t plan on being gone as long as we were. We got the new domain two weeks ago; but it took MUCH longer than expected to get everything set up on the new server. And, we didn’t have anything to type into the boxes when commenting while we were offline. Anyway, we’re back now, with what should be a much better setup for our internet presence.

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