Tuesday Two For

You knew photos would be coming. We almost always post brand new photographs; but today, as kin of an introduction we are posting a couple of pictures that you may have seen around before. One guess who the subject is.


    • We are big carpet people. The only hardwood is in our front entry way. We even have carpet in the master bathroom except for right around the tub and shower. In addition to preventing cold feet, it easy to get frisky whenever and wherever.

  1. New to me! 🙂

    We inherited our carpet from the previous owners; the only hardwood in the house is in the kitchen and front entry way. The bathrooms have tile though; I would think carpets in there would get gross and mildewy after awhile.

    ~Kazi xxx

    • Kazi: We built this house. So, for us, this literally is the “big house on the hill.” The carpet in the master bathroom is still in great shape. It doesn’t get wet since there is a tiled area to step out of the tub or shower onto. And it’s GREAT in the mornings when I’m shaving or we’re brushing our teeth. It works really well. We’ll try to post a picture of it.

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