Wednesday Weirdness #6

I lent a coworker $10 one day last week. For some strange reason, he only got 20s when he withdrew money from the ATM to pay me back. It wasn’t a big deal since I had some errands to run at lunch including stopping by the bank. To make a long story short, I gave him a five dollar bill and 5 one dollar bills when I made change at which point he got kinda snippy that I didn’t give him back a 10 dollar bill. I was flabbergasted that he was complaining; especially since I was the one who lent HIM money in the first place. If it was so important to him, why didn’t HE just get correct change to pay me back? You would have thought HE was the person doing the favor. Lesson learned.

Monday Monologue #6

An interior monologue from me (and sometimes the wife).

  • I have an insurmountable lead in our office football pool even though the Monday night game hasn’t yet been played. I didn’t do it today; but it’s always fun to collect my winnings early.
  • The battery in our home alarm wouldn’t hold a charge which wouldn’t be a big deal; except 1) the alarm chirps periodically when the battery runs low; and 2) it was in the middle of the night. Not easy to sleep through. As you might imagine, I was at the battery store first thing in the morning.
  • I think all of the multi-day power failures that we’ve had killed it. This was the second one that died and it definitely didn’t last nearly as long as the first one. I wish I could bill our worthless utility company that takes days to fix any widespread outage.
  • And speaking of power outages, if you’re in the east (and I know several of regular readers are), we’ll be thinking of you and hope that Sandy is “uneventful” for you. We only expect to get remnants of the storm around here.

Traditional Thursday #5

We forgot to take any of the travel size tubes of flavored lubricant with us when we were on the road last week. To make sure that we didn’t forget it again in the future, we decided to put it with the toiletries we keep in our suitcase. We have multiple flavors in large containers which we keep around the house; but we still decided to use the travel kit for a final time (at home). And, since we have a lot more bandwidth, we decided to commemorate the occasion with a video.

Here’s where we used to say “Please be patient…” Now we don’t have to say that anymore!

Wednesday Weirdness #5

After so many years with a vacant lot next door, it’s strange having a next door neighbor; especially since they are both very prudish. So as not to offend them, we’ll definitely need to be more careful whenever we look out of the sidelight, particularly since thy park both of their cars outside since their garage is still full of boxes. Their idea of decent is a lot more conservative than ours. It will be interesting to see how they react to the skimpy trendy swim suits our daughter and her girlfriends wear when we open the pool next summer.

Monday Monologue #5

An interior monologue from me (and sometimes the wife).

  • We still aren’t getting our mail even though our new next door neighbors have moved into their house. Apparently, there is still work to be done. So our mailbox was still blocked on Saturday. Work trucks were still arriving when I left this morning; but we finally got all of our mail for the past week (some of which was held while we were away) including the long awaited smartphone rebates. It’s frustrating that people would rather block in our mailbox than park a bit further away.
  • We can’t really afford it; but we need more vacations. The Wife got slightly sunburned on Saturday, something that would never happen around here in mid-October. Airport “security” is a titanic nuisance; but it’s great to fly someplace far away and not be exhausted from the long drive.
  • This is not a political statement; it’s more just a frustration. I spent an hour and a half on the telephone with multiple offshore “customer service” representatives getting a refund for something very simple. It wasn’t a particularly difficult request, nor was there a disagreement. They just weren’t very good at doing their job.
  • It was great to get away; but it’s good to be home. Our batteries are fully recharged. When we’re on the road, we miss certain things that we like that don’t travel well and have to be left at home.

Friday Featurette #4

We will soon be homeward bound; but we couldn’t leave without taking at least one “in the hotel room getting dressed for the beach” photograph. Our pool is closed for the season another on; so it will be a long time before I can snap a photo of The Wife putting on a bikini.

This new server is definitely easier to do photos and videos things with. I just noticed that this is the first post that only contains a single picture. There have been multiple images (or movies) in all of the other multimedia posts.