Wednesday Weirdness #2

We’ve only “advertised” the presence of this blog to the outside world for four days and we’ve already started receiving spam. It will be a nuisance for a bit since the age of the post being commented on was one of the anti-spam rules and the all of our posts are recent. We’re not surprised; but we didn’t expect it to happen quite so soon.


  1. Thank goodness for Akismet! I never need to worry about spam. Every so once in a while I need to check that a legitimate comment wasn’t caught mistakenly but I don’t have to worry about trash-talkers 🙂

    ~Kazi xxx

    • Kazi: Akismet is good and I’ve used it elsewhere. But we don’t like to use anything external for this sort of a blog. We make a point of not using third-part scripts. Everything (except the gravitars) is served directly by our server and doesn’t send transmit our visitors’ information anywhere. And the only reason that we use gravitar is that it uses a one-way MD5 hash.

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