Traditional Thursday #3

Now that we’ve been back blogging for a few weeks, it doesn’t seem like we ever stopped. We’re definitely getting back into our “routine”. We have our weekly photo session on Tuesday (or Wednesday) night just the same the same as always. The only difference is that we don’t have as much stuff in our media library which gives us something to work on. 🙂 And, as I always say, there is no such thing as too many blow jobs. So here we are expanding our BJ portfolio.


    • Kazi: It’s more fun; but really the same principle as working out. I know far too many people who “get busy” and don’t get to the gym for months. Then they have to work that much harder. It’s never happened to us in the past and we don’t think that it will in the future; but, we don’t want to look up and realize that we don’t even know where our important “bedroom accessories” like The Wife’s diaphragm are.

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