Wednesday Weirdness #4

I have a friend who keeps all of her photographs on her work computer. If she ever gets laid off, she’ll lose access to every digital photograph she’s ever taken. She can easily afford a computer; but, since the company provides a laptop, she doesn’t see the need. Somehow, she has even managed to convince herself that the network security police aren’t looking at her stuff.

Monday Monologue #4

An interior monologue from me (and sometimes the wife).

  • I am so tired of all of the political advertisements. Some of the mud-slinging is funny but most of it is very, very tiresome. I will be so happy after the elections are over (weather my guy wins or not).
  • I am loving our new server. I wish that we had done it long ago. In addition to being bigger, faster and stronger it also has a lot better connectivity which makes it easier to do things when we’re on the go.
  • I finally got my flash drive back from a co-worker. It took a lot longer than it shold have. I’m not going to lend them anything again. I HATE doing favors for inconsiderate people.
  • I’ve been tinkeirng a lot with our computer recently since we’ve now got a lot of remote compters to maintain. I think that I’ve finally got everything dialed in now.

Friday Featurette #3

We had no problem with the memory card this week, so here is a short video. I’m still tinkering with the video converter settings to better fit the available display area of our theme and use our increased bandwidth; but the quality should be much better than the “test” videos that we posted earlier.

I do wonder if a blow job should ever be called a featurette. From my perspective, it’s always qualifies as a main feature. 🙂

Wednesday Weirdness #3

Everyone got new mobile phones almost four months ago; but, we are still waiting on our rebates to be mailed. The checks have been in an “Approved” Payment Status for weeks. I wonder how any business thinks being a slow pay on rebates is good for future sales. Would it be that difficult to send the checks out?

Monday Monologue #3

An interior monologue from me (and sometimes the wife).

  • Once it finally arrived, the new Eye-Fi memory card has been problem free (which is to be expected.) It’s a good idea; but I think that we’ll make sure our next camera has built in wireless. We don’t use any of Eye-Fi’s online features; yet we still have to have an Internet connection to set up/configure the card. Why does it need to get registered before it can be used anyway?
  • I ran a road race on Saturday. It was cold so I didn’t run as fast as I could have; but I was still pleased with my finish time. I like to run a race for time occasionally so I can see how I’m doing as compared to a few years ago. So far, the ravages of old age haven’t caught up to me.
  • I lent a co-worker a USB drive last week so they could transfer some photographs from one computer to another and they still haven’t given it back. I’m starting to get annoyed. How hard is it to drag and drop? Especially since they had all weekend (in addition to several days through the week). It was a loan and not a gift. If they wanted to keep it forever, they should have just bought their own.
  • I didn’t realize it until today; but the “Notify me of follow-up comments via e-mail” check box was missing from the comment form. I’m not sure how I overlooked it. Anyway, it’s fixed now.