Monday Monologue #7

An interior monologue from me (and sometimes the wife).

  • It took a while to get credited to our account; but we received a free month from our hosting provider just for completing an online survey. It was nice to get something that we could actually use. We’ve been happy with them and were not planning on moving (again).
  • The 2012 election is finally coming to a close. We’ve always lived in a battleground state; but this is the worst year that we can remember. I read somewhere that if all of the political commercials viewable in our area aired back to back, you would be watching TV 4 ½ days.
  • Even though the ads are tiresome, we encourage everyone to vote for the candidate (or opponent) of their choice. They really do work for us and this is the only change we get to fire (or rehire) them.
  • My cell phone was weirding out and I had to do a factory reset. That’s the biggest pain ever. It’s like buying a new phone except without the fun of having a new toy. I still don’t have everything set up the way I want.


  1. I am SO glad the election is over!! it was getting to the point where I was shutting off my radio on the morning commute (I’ll be doing that again when the xmas carols start!) and walking out of the room when political adverts came on TV.
    I find myself having to turn my cell phone off to re-boot at times; never had to do a factory re-set. What a gigantic pain!! Droid or iPhone?

    ~Kazi xxx

    • Kazi: It’s a HTC One S that’s only a few months old. I’m not an Apple fan boy so we all have droids. The factory reset fixed the problem (obviously) but I had to reinstall and configure a LOT of apps. I always vote; but ads don’t change my mind. I base my voting decisions on facts so the ads are very annoying. At first they were amusing but the repetitive distortions got tiresome.

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