Wednesday Weirdness #7

Just when we spoke about being pleased with our hosting provider, something strange has started happening with our theme, specifically the video player. I know exactly how to fix it; but not how to stop it from happening in the first place. Technically, it’s due to “conflicting” WordPress plugins. But it wouldn’t be an issue if there weren’t any “hiccups” on the server.


  1. I ran into that with commenting on my blog… I had to disable Jetpack comments but I’m not really upset with the default for that. It’s not up to WordPress to keep them all compatible so users just have to prioritise.

    ~Kazi xxx

    • Kazi: I ended up disabling and uninstalling a plugin as well. It was only for page load time optimization so we didn’t really need it anyway since our new server is so much faster than our old one. Everything seems much better now.

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