Monday Monologue #8

An interior monologue from me (and sometimes the wife).

  • I cut the grass for hopefully what will be the last time for the season this weekend. It hasn’t gone dormant for the winter; but, I’m finished with lawn mower away unless it grows a LOT more than normal in the next few weeks.
  • How can it be 28-degrees when it was nearly 70 this weekend? I know that winter is coming; but this is ridiculous.
  • Amazingly, I managed to fix the dishwasher without busting knuckle or cutting myself. I still got wet; but that couldn’t be avoided.
  • I wish some of my friends on FB would stop with the political posts. The election is over and the continued criticism of the other side is tiresome. It didn’t change any minds before; but at least there was a small possibility it might help people decide who to vote for. Now it’s just distracting noise.


    • Kazi: I repair all of our appliances. The secret is to only get one kind. That way the guts are always the same and you can work on then with same tools even if you need a few unusual ones. (I do the same thing with cars.)

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