Friday Featurette #8

No video for today. Just a quick photograph of The Wife getting the Heart Massager ready. It was very welcome after a tough couple of days being Mr. Fixit around the house. I generally don’t mind the homeowner thing; except when there’s water and crawling around on the floor involved

Wednesday Weirdness #8

I did not realize it until yesterday (Tuesday); but Thanksgiving is actually next week rather than the week after. I am usually MUCH more aware of upcoming events, so it’s surprising that the holidays are already here. The Wife and I are both looking forward to everyone in the family being in the same place. Those occasions have become more and more rare; but, for a few days, it will be just like old times.

Monday Monologue #8

An interior monologue from me (and sometimes the wife).

  • I cut the grass for hopefully what will be the last time for the season this weekend. It hasn’t gone dormant for the winter; but, I’m finished with lawn mower away unless it grows a LOT more than normal in the next few weeks.
  • How can it be 28-degrees when it was nearly 70 this weekend? I know that winter is coming; but this is ridiculous.
  • Amazingly, I managed to fix the dishwasher without busting knuckle or cutting myself. I still got wet; but that couldn’t be avoided.
  • I wish some of my friends on FB would stop with the political posts. The election is over and the continued criticism of the other side is tiresome. It didn’t change any minds before; but at least there was a small possibility it might help people decide who to vote for. Now it’s just distracting noise.

Friday Featurette #7

A reader commented that she couldn’t quite see the colors of The Wife’s fingernail polish in yesterday’s photo post. So we decided to post a movie that we took in the same session. Hopefully, they are a bit easier to see. Even if you still can’t quite tell, it’s still a good video. One of the neat things about our new server is that we do not have to be concerned with saving bandwidth.

And, as we always say, there is no such thing as too many blow jobs.

Wednesday Weirdness #7

Just when we spoke about being pleased with our hosting provider, something strange has started happening with our theme, specifically the video player. I know exactly how to fix it; but not how to stop it from happening in the first place. Technically, it’s due to “conflicting” WordPress plugins. But it wouldn’t be an issue if there weren’t any “hiccups” on the server.

Monday Monologue #7

An interior monologue from me (and sometimes the wife).

  • It took a while to get credited to our account; but we received a free month from our hosting provider just for completing an online survey. It was nice to get something that we could actually use. We’ve been happy with them and were not planning on moving (again).
  • The 2012 election is finally coming to a close. We’ve always lived in a battleground state; but this is the worst year that we can remember. I read somewhere that if all of the political commercials viewable in our area aired back to back, you would be watching TV 4 ½ days.
  • Even though the ads are tiresome, we encourage everyone to vote for the candidate (or opponent) of their choice. They really do work for us and this is the only change we get to fire (or rehire) them.
  • My cell phone was weirding out and I had to do a factory reset. That’s the biggest pain ever. It’s like buying a new phone except without the fun of having a new toy. I still don’t have everything set up the way I want.