Monday Monologue #14

An interior monologue from me (and sometimes the wife).

  • When we got up on Christmas morning, the shower in the master bathroom would not turn on. Upon investigating I determined that a plastic piece inside the knob was broken off. And, of course, all of the stores which might carry a replacement were closed. Fortunately, all of our faucets are the same, so I was able to make a temporary repair using the knob from the downstairs bathroom. I know people won’t pay extra for a more durable design so it’s bound to break from time to time; but a plumbing repair, even a minor one, wasn’t how I planned to start the day.
  • I’ve been having a few strange issues with some apps on my phone so I rooted it. That makes fixing things much easier. Now I can back up everything so I can just restore a misbehaving app to sometime when it worked. And I can get everything back if I ever do need to do a factory reset. Smartphones are ubiquitous; but they are still new technology and have some rough edges.
  • I was in “The Jungle” yesterday watching the Bengals close out the regular season. They may not do anything in the post season; but, after so many years of futility, being in the post season two years in a row is nice. From this point forward any wins are a bonus.
  • We went to see “The Hobbit” today. We would have seen it earlier; but were busy with all of the holidays. Plus, we always find movies more enjoyable when the theater isn’t as crowded. It was a great spectacle, especially in 3D. We highly recommend it of you like those types of motion pictures.

Friday Featurette #13

The Wife lounging naked on the bedThe battery in our camera is dying so we’re just posting a quick snapshot of The Wife rather than a video for today’s featurette. I ordered a new battery after our weekly photos session since our “good” camera is expensive so we plan on keeping it. The replacement should be here next week. Hopefully it will arrive early in the week and we’ll have time to charge it before we next take photographs.

The Best of Times

It took a herculean effort on his part but our son made it home before Christmas. I definitely think that he could have made “better” arrangements which wouldn’t have been so easily disrupted; but, I still couldn’t help but smile when I met him at the terminal. He’s home with his sister, his mom and I which is the important thing. When the kids were younger, we thought that those days would last forever. Now, we realize that days like today don’t come around too often. So, we’ve come to enjoy them more than ever.

A New Day

We are all still here so it appears that the world didn’t end after all. I guess that means that I better get started on my Christmas shopping. It’s much more convenient to shop online and I did some of that; but I prefer looking around in stores, especially for some of my relatives who are hard to buy gifts for. We are not quite certain of the schedule because of the Christmas holiday; but we plan to return to “regular” posting next week.

Changing The Calendar

See you on the other side. We will not be posting tomorrow (Friday). Partly because we are staying offline to avoid all of the “end of world” madness; but, mostly in memorial for the events of a week ago. Assuming that the calendar and the world to which it corresponds continue, we’ll publish something on Saturday. 🙂

Wednesday Weirdness #13

I work out with a woman who refuses to do what everyone else in the group is doing. If we all have 5lb or 10lb weights for a particular activity; she’ll make everyone wait until she can find a 2.5lb weight. And if for some reason she can’t find the smallest size/weight, she won’t do the exercise. She’s perfectly healthy and has been coming to the gym for years so there is no reason she couldn’t do the same thing as everyone else. And, incredibly, on weekends, she comes to class early so she can hide her preferred items! If anyone else did happen to pick up one of “her” weights it would be by mistake and they would be more than happy to happy to trade with her. For the exercises we do, you don’t get much of a workout with something that small/light.

Not Today

The Wife and I love our photo sessions; but, having one today doesn’t seem quite right considering the other events that have been happening in the world today. We think that the whole “fiscal cliff” thing is stupid; but we would much rather the lead news story be something about the impasse in Washington.