Monday Monologue #14

An interior monologue from me (and sometimes the wife).

  • When we got up on Christmas morning, the shower in the master bathroom would not turn on. Upon investigating I determined that a plastic piece inside the knob was broken off. And, of course, all of the stores which might carry a replacement were closed. Fortunately, all of our faucets are the same, so I was able to make a temporary repair using the knob from the downstairs bathroom. I know people won’t pay extra for a more durable design so it’s bound to break from time to time; but a plumbing repair, even a minor one, wasn’t how I planned to start the day.
  • I’ve been having a few strange issues with some apps on my phone so I rooted it. That makes fixing things much easier. Now I can back up everything so I can just restore a misbehaving app to sometime when it worked. And I can get everything back if I ever do need to do a factory reset. Smartphones are ubiquitous; but they are still new technology and have some rough edges.
  • I was in “The Jungle” yesterday watching the Bengals close out the regular season. They may not do anything in the post season; but, after so many years of futility, being in the post season two years in a row is nice. From this point forward any wins are a bonus.
  • We went to see “The Hobbit” today. We would have seen it earlier; but were busy with all of the holidays. Plus, we always find movies more enjoyable when the theater isn’t as crowded. It was a great spectacle, especially in 3D. We highly recommend it of you like those types of motion pictures.


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