Wednesday Weirdness #18

I recently realized that someone that I work with doesn’t read every sentence in even the shortest of emails. I couldn’t understand how anyone could be so stupid until it dawned on me that just because he was asking questions; didn’t mean that he read the previous message(s). Some things really are in TL;DR. category; but, when the sentences are short and the letters are big, I thought is safe to assume some level of reading and comprehension. Now, at least when dealing with this particular person, I know better.

Monday Monologue #18

An interior monologue from me (and sometimes the wife).

  • I know that it’s still only the last week in January; but I am so ready for winter to be over. I don’t mind the cold weather. Or wet, gray, dreary days that go on forever. But the prolonged combination of the two has been extra draining. I want some warmth and/or some sunshine!
  • It warmed up enough on Sunday that we could run outside; but, we had to run in the neighborhood since all of the paths in the park were still covered in snow. It really brought back memories. It was just like when we got started, except that we ran faster and longer that our first few workouts.
  • Yet another one of my co-workers has given notice. I’ve been attending a lot of going away parties recently. It will be interesting to see if management does anything to stop the bleeding or if the exodus continues.
  • I should have known better than to buy anything at Wally’s World; but, I took a chance on an inexpensive mustache trimmer. Of course, it wouldn’t even turn on when I got it home. So I had to return it; and ended up trimming my mustache with the full-size clippers that I used to cut my hair with. I will not be purchase anything else there for a long time.

Friday Featurette #17

The Wife relaxing naked on the bedNo week would be complete without posting another picture of my favorite subject. And my most favorite person in the world. She definitely makes it easier to put a long week behind me and get ready for the weekend.

Wednesday Weirdness #17

For some strange reason the people that operate the garage that I park in were washing things in and around that little building the attendants work in when they are taking money. Not surprisingly, the water froze before it reached the street. So then they had to put salt down everywhere to melt the ice so the area wouldn’t be so hazardous to vehicles entering and leaving the garage and pedestrians walking by on the sidewalk. Water has always frozen at 32°F and the daily high temperatures have been way colder than that. I thought that was something that most adults knew; but apparently not.

BTW: When I first started this category, I wasn’t sure that I would encounter something interesting every week; but, amazingly, there seem to be no shortage of head-shaking events.

Monday Monologue #17

An interior monologue from me (and sometimes the wife).

  • My supervisor at work got a new job so I’ll have yet another manager when they finally fill the position. And, of course, he didn’t do performance reviews before he left. So, I’ll end up being “evaluated” by someone who wasn’t even there when I did the work.
  • Unlike everyone else in the family, I did not get today off; it was a regular work day for me. It was especially hard for me to get up and get about my day since The Wife was still comfortably in bed when I was leaving.
  • There is a guy that I work with that is too much of a cheapskate to have a broken window on his car fixed. It’s always open no matter what the weather is outside. If it’s raining its open. If it’s snowing its open. And if its freeing cold like has been the past few days, it’s open. I wonder how he manages driving on the highway in sub-zero temperatures, particularly since it’s on the driver side.
  • I don’t like to whine (well, sometimes I do); but, I was not happy to discover that there’s some sort of system-wide problem and the internet-based remote start to my car doesn’t work. It’s an expensive service; so being unavailable on the coldest day of the year is not acceptable. The only “good” thing is that they actually admitted there was a problem when I contacted them.

Friday Featurette #16

The Husband on top of The Wife putting his back into itEven though it was Friday, it was a long, stressful day at work. Amid other things, I had a “meeting” with a guy who delights in saying no to anything and everything I request. So I’m posting this photo just because I like it. Thinking about things like this is what keeps me going when I’m having a bad day.