Wednesday Weirdness #14

A few of weeks ago I posted about a coworker with a bad comb over who jokes about my hair. Similarly, there are several people in the office who make snide comments about all extra bags (with my workout gear) I bring in mornings; and the fact that I typically exercise over my lunch break rather than get something to eat. The funny/sad thing is that the two people who criticize my exercise routine the most are substantially (i.e. 80+ lbs.) overweight. According to them, I don’t have as good of a physique as I should for as frequently as I workout. And this is at the same time as they are both making New Year’s resolutions to lose weight! It’s not good enough that I’m fit and healthy and don’t have a HUGE belly. Exercise is only worthwhile if it results in a perfect body. I didn’t say anything; but the only thing I could think was wow.


  1. Someone on another blog I read who’s become somewhat of a fitness nut posted a saying that seems harsh, but would definitely be an appropriate rejoinder to those two: “I get up and do what you won’t so that tomorrow I can do what you can’t.”

    ~Kazi xxx

    • Kazi: I’ll have to remember that. I try to ignore it; but some of the comments are outrageous given the source. I was never like that when I was big. I just worked hard and got smaller.

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