Monday Monologue #15

An interior monologue from me (and sometimes the wife).

  • One of the not so good things about having a newer blog is that the spam prevention methodology I use isn’t as good. There are fewer posts, so spammers have a better chance of selecting a newer post which has more lenient spam settings. A comment from “real, live person” is much less likely to get marked as spam; but, for the short term, we have more clean up than we used to.
  • The wife is running out of Gynol for her diaphragm. It’s getting harder and harder to find. We were able to find some online; but, notices it was available from fewer merchants than when we ordered it last February. Hopefully we’ll still be able to find it this time next year.
  • We know we couldn’t/shouldn’t try to make it through the winter, so we got new tires. Needing to buy tires when there is snow on the ground is never a good thing; especially when your tires are big. But, given the weather around here, it’s safer/better than the alternative.
  • Now that Christmas vacation is over, we’re both getting back to a regular workout schedule. We got in as many workouts as we could; but missed several days because of reduced holiday hours and closings due to inclement weather. And, there was too much snow on the ground to do anything outside (unlike last year when it was unseasonably warm).


    • Kazi: I don’t like Askimet because they have a very vague privacy policy, and have been known to black list legitimate email addresses for the owner making comments about Automattic that Matt didn’t like (although that’s been many years in the past). And I generally don’t like the idea of using a third party provider, when commenters sometimes post very private stuff. Except for Gravatar, which is opt in, every script, every image, every service, etc. runs exclusively on our server; even mail.

      We use a couple of home rolled plugins, one of which requires JavaScript; which eliminates most robots. Everything is correctly flagged. The problem is having to manually delete it. (I know that WP will after 30-days, but that allows too much of it to build up.) And, because all posts are less than four months old, the auto-spam delete plugin I wrote doesn’t work as well.

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