Tuesday Two For #16

We like our before and after photographs although we don’t take as many of them as we would like. We have a lot of before shots of The Wife waiting for me while I prepare the get camera. But, most sessions, we turn the camera off to focus on “other things” so we don’t have as man after shots. This week, however, I accidentally took a photograph while I was shutting off the camera. Since this was one of the few times we end up with an afterwards picture we decided to post it.


  1. Does your camera go into stand-by after a specific period of time? I would go to hit my point-and-shoot after a delay and all the settings would be lost, haven’t tried that with the DSLR yet.

    ~Kazi xxx

    • Kazi: Three minutes unless it’s in interval mode. It happens to us as well when we are using the infra-red remote control. 3-minutes is not very long; especially when we both want to be in the picture. But it’s the longest that we can set it for unless we turn it off. Interval mode will turn off the display to save power; but retains all other settings for the specified number of shots. A great feature except we don’t really know when the camera is going to take a picture.

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