Wednesday Weirdness #16

Some inconsiderate person deliberately split two parking spaces in the garage I park in for work. The garage usually full so that means that someone with a parking pass had to unexpectedly find another place to park. And their precious vehicle is just an old sedan. Who does that? Especially considering the (in) security situation. People are not getting mugged and vehicles are not getting stolen; but, there have been several incidents that no one has taken responsibility for. They are lucky that they weren’t added to that total by whoever was displaced.


  1. I hope someone left a note on their windshield. That’s what I would do. There have been times where I have mistakenly parked in someone’s assigned spot at my second job and I have always gotten a note for that (though those are thankfully civil).

    ~Kazi xxx

    • Kazi: It was still there when I left and I didn’t see any notes (or any scratches). We don’t have assigned spots; but the facility is at capacity if no one is sick. The lines are very easy to see since they are regularly repainted; so this wasn’t a mistake/accident. It was just someone deliberately being a jerk.

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