Monday Monologue #17

An interior monologue from me (and sometimes the wife).

  • My supervisor at work got a new job so I’ll have yet another manager when they finally fill the position. And, of course, he didn’t do performance reviews before he left. So, I’ll end up being “evaluated” by someone who wasn’t even there when I did the work.
  • Unlike everyone else in the family, I did not get today off; it was a regular work day for me. It was especially hard for me to get up and get about my day since The Wife was still comfortably in bed when I was leaving.
  • There is a guy that I work with that is too much of a cheapskate to have a broken window on his car fixed. It’s always open no matter what the weather is outside. If it’s raining its open. If it’s snowing its open. And if its freeing cold like has been the past few days, it’s open. I wonder how he manages driving on the highway in sub-zero temperatures, particularly since it’s on the driver side.
  • I don’t like to whine (well, sometimes I do); but, I was not happy to discover that there’s some sort of system-wide problem and the internet-based remote start to my car doesn’t work. It’s an expensive service; so being unavailable on the coldest day of the year is not acceptable. The only “good” thing is that they actually admitted there was a problem when I contacted them.


  1. I had a window like that that lasted until I could find the time/money to get it repaired; I put plastic over it though as I do a lot of highway driving. I can’t even imagine leaving an open window in snow season!!

    My supervisor is being forced to move on after nine years, not looking forward to the transition process 🙁

    ~Kazi xxx

    • Kazi: I once had a car with a cracked exhaust manifold that would suck exhaust fumes into the cabin unless you left the windows open while you were driving. That was a long time ago; but it was such a miserable driving experience that I remember it vividly even now. So, now I always get window glass fixed quickly.

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