Wednesday Weirdness #17

For some strange reason the people that operate the garage that I park in were washing things in and around that little building the attendants work in when they are taking money. Not surprisingly, the water froze before it reached the street. So then they had to put salt down everywhere to melt the ice so the area wouldn’t be so hazardous to vehicles entering and leaving the garage and pedestrians walking by on the sidewalk. Water has always frozen at 32°F and the daily high temperatures have been way colder than that. I thought that was something that most adults knew; but apparently not.

BTW: When I first started this category, I wasn’t sure that I would encounter something interesting every week; but, amazingly, there seem to be no shortage of head-shaking events.


    • Kazi: True, true. I’ll still never forget the person I saw with a cigarette in one hand and a cup of gasoline in e other climbing up onto the engine of their car to prime the carburetor. Thy actually didn’t light themselves on fire before I was a safe distance away and couldn’t see them anymore.

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