Tuesday Two For #18

The Wife and I are fond of our before and after photographs. They are NSFW (like almost all of our pictures) but aren’t NC-17. Readers still have to use their imagination until we fill in the blanks. Interestingly. I started to use X-rated in the previous sentence until I realized that movies haven’t truly been “X-rated” in twenty years.

No matter how it would actually be labeled, The Wife and I still enjoy making our adults-only “content”. 😉


  1. In the UK it might even be G!! 😉
    It’s hard to play with camera angles unless one person remains behind the camera or you do multiple test shots (I’m of course resigned to the latter) but can be fun to experiment with. You two are far more photogenic than I 🙂

    ~Kazi xxx

    • Kazi: I don’t think we’re any more photogenic. We just taking a lot of pictures, so, even with end up with a few good ones every now and then. We try not to fuss too much with the camera after we set it up so that it doesn’t become a big distraction and start making things un-fun.

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