Traditional Thursday #18

One of the neat things about taking photographs using a tripod is the third person perspective it provides. It’s like looking at a reflection of ourselves except that we are able to capture angles that wouldn’t be possible in a mirror. We generally prefer wider angles as opposed to super close-ups; but it is interesting to see ourselves in action. Things certainly look and move differently that they feel.


  1. The tripod was without a doubt the best addition to my arsenal in doing self-photography. Even with the point-and-shoot it made a huge difference; with the DSLR I’m just starting to unlock the potential 🙂

    ~Kazi xxx

    • Kazi: The other good thing about having a tripod is that it’s very useful for low-light conditions where you need to hold the camera perfectly still for a long time. So, unlike some of our other things, it’s useful in non-bedcam situations.

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