Wednesday Weirdness #16

Some inconsiderate person deliberately split two parking spaces in the garage I park in for work. The garage usually full so that means that someone with a parking pass had to unexpectedly find another place to park. And their precious vehicle is just an old sedan. Who does that? Especially considering the (in) security situation. People are not getting mugged and vehicles are not getting stolen; but, there have been several incidents that no one has taken responsibility for. They are lucky that they weren’t added to that total by whoever was displaced.

Monday Monologue #16

An interior monologue from me (and sometimes the wife).

  • I was having problems leaving comments on Blogger blogs last week for what seems like the millionth time. Google is the most non-responsive company ever. People will put up with a LOT if something is free.
  • The weather we have around here is crazy. Yesterday it was 65°F. Today its 20°F. We like don’t mind cold weather; but not when it happens overnight.
  • All of the FB posts from people on both sides of the gun control debate almost make the days leading up to the election in November seem like a fond memory. I didn’t think it could get any worse; but, apparently, I was wrong.
  • I’ve been doing some freelance work for one of the worst customers I have ever worked with. That’s an extremely difficult feat considering some of the “people” in my business/professional past. I would totally lose my mind if I had to deal with him regularly.

Friday Featurette #15

The Wife relaxing naked on the bedWe’ve been busy this week (and last) getting the kids ready to go back to school. They are both back at their respective colleges now so we are once again empty nesters. It’s always been this way; but we always need some time to get back into the swing of things after the long Christmas break. Anyway, no video today, just a picture of my favorite person.

Wednesday Weirdness #15

Someone broke a bottle of cheap cologne in the shower/locker room at work. The scent is so strong the room is almost unusable. It already smelled like butt since whoever is supposed to “clean” it doesn’t do a good job. Now, the overpowering fragrance makes it smell even worse. And, people are still finding glass slivers on the floor despite it having been swept and mopped. We have our suspicions; but we don’t know who did it. All we know (based on the time of the accident and subsequent cleanup) is that it probably wasn’t a “regular”. I might have expected something like this to happen on the women’s side; but not in the men’s area. They’re not going on a date afterwards; they’re going back to work. And it definitely was not good cologne!

Tuesday Two For #15

Gynol II Contraceptive GelWe mentioned in our last post that Gynol II is hard to find. We ordered some on the internet; but it was already past its expiration date when it arrived. Apparently, it seems, it’s being discontinued. We’re not completely out of luck; the manufacturer stull makes an “Extra Strength” variety that can be used with a diaphragm or just by itself. It’s more expensive even though the tubes are smaller; but, presumably, it works just as well. Thankfully, we need to use less per application since we use it in conjunction with a diaphragm. We would be spending a lot more money if we only got 13 uses out of a container. Some women have reported that the additional concentration of active ingredients makes it “numbing”. We’ll take it for an extended test drive and let you know how it goes.

Monday Monologue #15

An interior monologue from me (and sometimes the wife).

  • One of the not so good things about having a newer blog is that the spam prevention methodology I use isn’t as good. There are fewer posts, so spammers have a better chance of selecting a newer post which has more lenient spam settings. A comment from “real, live person” is much less likely to get marked as spam; but, for the short term, we have more clean up than we used to.
  • The wife is running out of Gynol for her diaphragm. It’s getting harder and harder to find. We were able to find some online; but, notices it was available from fewer merchants than when we ordered it last February. Hopefully we’ll still be able to find it this time next year.
  • We know we couldn’t/shouldn’t try to make it through the winter, so we got new tires. Needing to buy tires when there is snow on the ground is never a good thing; especially when your tires are big. But, given the weather around here, it’s safer/better than the alternative.
  • Now that Christmas vacation is over, we’re both getting back to a regular workout schedule. We got in as many workouts as we could; but missed several days because of reduced holiday hours and closings due to inclement weather. And, there was too much snow on the ground to do anything outside (unlike last year when it was unseasonably warm).