Monday Monologue #21

An interior monologue from me (and sometimes the wife).

  • Both the cable and internet service (which is not surprising since we use the same provider for both) were out all day. So, the wife couldn’t do everything she planned on her day off. And when it did finally start working again, speeds have been much slower.
  • I’ve been trying to get some help at work, unfortunately, the only “help” I’ve actually received is an email requesting I do everything I’ve been asking for help with for and send it to them. How is that any help at all? I wouldn’t need any help if everything was already prepared.
  • We’re having car problems. And not the kind that can wait. And, believe it or not, the hood strut jammed while I was working on the car. I’ve got a block of wood; but obviously, something like that it is not nearly as convenient. And, of course, the replacement is only available by special order.
  • We have been getting a lot if spam emails recently. A lot more that we used to get on our old server. An oversight in the configuration of the mail server together with a very subtle misconfiguration of the domain name server was the culprit. Ultimately it was a three line fix (1 line in one file, 2 lines in another); but it took forever to find.

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