Monday Monologue #22

An interior monologue from me (and sometimes the wife).

  • I’ve been listening to a lot more music from the cloud recently. I purchase most of my MP3s at Amazon so they are automatically added to my library. I still have a LOT more digital music just on the computer; but all if my recent purchases are in both places. Very handy during an impromptu workout.
  • We updated the OS on our Droids this weekend. It really is smoother and faster. Motorola never released any updates to our old phones. It’s nice to have a device that is keeping up with changes in technology. The new media sync functionality is really cool. Videos are automatically reformatted for playback on the phone when you copy them.
  • The bump/cut on my head is mostly healed. So, I spent yet another Monday working on things. Life is much better now than it was at this time last week. At least the weather is better than it was last week. We’re both hoping that the end of winter is not that far away.
  • I accidentally threw away the UPC codes that I needed for a rebate. So I had to go dumpster diving. And, believe it or not, I dropped it and it blew away after I retrieved it. Thankfully, I was able to recover it. I’m not sure $10 is worth it.

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