Wednesday Weirdness #20

They “repaired” the elevator in the building that I work in which means that they replaced some unknown part, removed all of the “out of order” signs that were taped to the call buttons, and turned it back on. Of course it still does exactly the same thing (i.e. nothing) as it did before. Our building isn’t tall for an office building; but, because of its design, using the stairway is a gigantic nuisance. I’m sure is the issue is with the elevator company and not building management. Still, I’m getting very tired of struggling to open multiple fire doors when I have to go in and out with my hands full.

Monday Monologue #20

An interior monologue from me (and sometimes the wife).

  • An over the air update “un-rooted” my phone. I assumed that it would. I just wasn’t expecting to spend so much time regaining root access. Mobile phones are just finicky computers with much smaller screens and keyboards.
  • The local college basketball team is having its worst season in years. Unlike years past, they aren’t always even competitive at home. I’m only a casual fan; but, reminders of their woeful season are everywhere.
  • A deadline at work that’s not all that far away got moved up a week. I know what’s going on and why they did it; but, sometimes, I really, really wish weren’t so susceptible to external pressures. Especially since I don’t have anyone to help me complete the extra weeks work.
  • I’ve been so busy with things have I haven’t done much any blogging I what seems like forever. I’m going to make a point of catching up with everyone. Work never, ever goes away. And, if it does, you get laid off.

Friday Featurette #19

Since we had not pasted a video in a while (before yesterday) and the parameters for editing and transcoding were still fresh, we decided to post a video today too. It’s basically the “rest of the story” from Thursday. Making movies (or watching ones that we have created) is a great way to end the week and kick off the weekend.

I know that the movie is far more interesting. But, in case you are wondering, I use FFmpeg from the command line to resize and transcode video files.

Traditional Thursday #19

We did not realize it; but we haven’t published a video since the week after Thanksgiving. It’s a lot easier for us now since we don’t have do nearly as much editing as before since we aren’t concerned about bandwidth. Now we just make sure our faces are obscured. We just kinda got out of the habit over the holidays. So this video has been a long time in coming.

I had been planning to edit the original version of the video in Video Studio Pro and post a higher quality version; but, after watching it, decided to post a lower quality but otherwise unaltered version. Enjoy.

Wednesday Weirdness #19

Today I received a “free” car wash coupon that I’m never going to redeem. An automobile repair shop I that sometimes use washes the vehicle when they are finished working on it. Unfortunately, when I went in for service, the car wash was down for maintenance. I would have waited, if I had know that before I scheduled. And the faculty is far enough away that I won’t make a special trip just for the wash. The coupon will almost certainly be expired or lost before I go there again. It’s kinda frustrating; the manner they made up for not provided everything that was advertised. I much would have preferred a discount off my bill.

Tuesday Two For #19

The Wife getting the bed readyWe made a video in this week’s “photo” session. It will probably be a few days before we post it. We have to decide which portions we want to post, extract them to separate files and convert them to .MP4 format. In the interim, here’s a photo of the wife getting the bed ready. (I had a tough day at work so I messed it up before we started taking photographs. )

Monday Monologue #19

An interior monologue from me (and sometimes the wife).

  • But for the safety on the last play from scrimmage, I would have one our office pool. At least it was an interesting game.
  • It seems to be a recurring theme; but another coworker is leaving the company. Now, everyone is speculating about who will be the next person to leave.
  • I finally found a good app to synchronize the local calendar on my computer with the one on my telephone. For a variety of reasons, I don’t use Gmail (or anything from Google) if I can avoid it.
  • The remote interface to my car is acting up again. It been cold and so it’s really starting to be aggravating. This is the type of weather where it’s a useful feature.

Friday Featurette #18

The Wife putting on her swimsuitIt’s snowing again. And it’s cold too. Neither of which are unusual for around here for this time of year; but knowing that doesn’t make the winter go any faster. So, we’re going to break with tradition and post a picture from t, his past summer that we’ve probably posted before. We almost never post “older” photographs; but, it’s been so dreary recently; we wanted something to remind us of summers past and future.