Monday Monologue #25

An interior monologue from me (and sometimes the wife).

  • I didn’t realize it when I did it (obviously); but I inadvertently set up our mail server to aggressively filter spam. It was eating anything that was remotely commercial, even the order conformation for the pizza we ordered online! I’ve definitely learned my lesson about making configuration changes before I’ve fully adjusted to the time change and am not as alert as normal.
  • I don’t think about it much, but, oftentimes I spar (box) against guys who are much larger and much heavier than I am. It’s an interesting observation on my personality. I’m not typically sore or achy the next day, so, presumably, I must be doing OK.
  • We noticed that it was kinda smoky in the kitchen after dinner so I cleaned the oven on Sunday. It was cold and over cast outside so it wasn’t the best day to open windows; but, it’s a TITANIC nuisance if we set off the smoke alarms.
  • The wacky weather we have been having has continued. It was in the 50s on Saturday. Then Sunday was below freezing (32°F) most of the day. And the high temperature for today is forecast near 50. We are so ready for sunny, spring weather.

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