Tuesday Two For #25

We had a bit more excitement during our photo session than we planned. We were right in the middle of things when The Wife remembered that she hadn’t put in her diaphragm! That’s always a risk for anyone who doesn’t use “always on” birth control; but, it’s something that’s never happened to us before despite the many, many years that we’ve been using it. And cowgirl is one of the few positions that I can’t feel it, most likely, because of the angle. Thankfully, she realized it before it was too late and we won’t spend the next few weeks anxiously waiting. Anyway, here are a few photos of the events as it unfolded.


    • Kazi: Not having “always-on” birth control can lead to some anxious times. You have to use what works; but it’s it takes discipline and planning. Usually we’re not both completely distracted ; but it is always a worry in the back of our minds.

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