Monday Monologue #26

An interior monologue from me (and sometimes the wife).

  • I totally smashed my thumb when I was working on the car on Saturday. It’s always “operator error”; but that doesn’t make my thumb feel any better. And, for several other reasons the car is still not fixed. At least I know what the problem is. Hopefully it will be warm enough to finish working on it sometime soon.
  • It was almost 50°F on Saturday then we had HUGE snowstorm that began on Sunday morning and carried over until today. Weird; even for the strange early spring weather that we seem to have around here.
  • I mailed our tax returns today. Usually, we wait until the last day; but I made a “mistake” in my calculations/assumptions so we will be getting a refund. We don’t enjoy paying (who does); but we prefer writing a check to waiting forever for a refund.
  • I don’t understand all of the people who are mad at Google for discontinuing Reader. It was useful; but it was also free and with “free” cloud-based products, you get what you get. The internet is forever; but the same cannot be said about on-line software. Google’s graveyard is actually quite large.


    • Kazi: At some point, I think that all of the product discontinuations are going to backfire and people will top trusting Google and gravitate to something else that that have more long term confidence in. If it’s not guaranteed to last, free is only worth so much.

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