Friday Featurette #24

The Wife lounging naked on the bed in the early evening lightFor a variety of reasons, it’s been an “interesting” week. The wife and I are very glad to usher in the weekend. Even when we do not have a lot of other things going on, making the change to daylight time is always a difficult adjustment for us. We have nothing scheduled (besides our weekend workouts), so we plan to use the time to relax. “No regrets” is one of my mottos I live by, so I “like” going 100 miles-an-hour; but it is nice to occasionally live life in the slow lane for a bit. This weekend is one of those times.

Here is a pictures of The Wife kicked back relaxing. Happy safe and happy St. Patrick’s Day weekend!

Wednesday Weirdness #24

When I was walking to my lunchtime boxing class on Tuesday, a woman who was passing by got my attention just to ask me why I was wearing shorts. It was/is cold; but, it’s less than a 10-minute walk. And, since I don’t like to work out in long pants, it’s a nuisance to put them on just for the walk and take them off as so as I arrive at the gym. It was a strange conversation since I was putting on my hand wraps and carrying my gear bag that says Title Boxing everywhere. It was very obvious that I was on my way to the gym. Plus, even if she didn’t know/couldn’t tell that my destination was a gym only a few blocks away, why is what I’m wearing any of her business anyway?

Monday Monologue #24

An interior monologue from me (and sometimes the wife).

  • We recently upgraded to Office 2013. Word (and Excel) are mostly the same; but Outlook is MUCH better. We try to avoid using Gmail (and other free online services) so a good desktop email application is important. As is often said, “If you are not paying for the product, you are the product.” Nowhere is that more true than Google.
  • For the first time in a long time, nothing new broke down and nothing needs fixing. So, no Monday trip to the supply store for me. Hopefully I can leave my tool box closed for a while.
  • We’ve been having some strange weather. We had a major snowstorm mid-week, then it was 65-degrees on Sunday.
  • I know we say this every year; but we HATE the time change. Our bodies’ internal clocks aren’t as easy to change as our wristwatches. Whether we gain an hour or lose an hour, it always takes us a period of time to adjust. Weekends are OK since we don’t have to wake up at a particular time. But, we really notice the difference during the week.

Friday Featurette #23

The Wife getting some flavored lubricant readyThe snow is melting and it’s supposed to be 60-degrees this weekend, so we have high hopes for the weekend. Plus I’m getting over my cold. So here is a photo of my favorite person doing one of my favorite things to kick off the weekend.

Happy Friday everyone.

Wednesday Weirdness #23

We received a phone call from the lawn service we use informing us that “weather permitting” they would be out on Friday for the first application of the year. It’s not unusual that they come out in March; but we had a MAJOR snowstorm overnight and there is a significant amount of snow on the ground. In fact, many schools and businesses were closed because of inclement weather. I know whoever called is just following the script; but I doubt all the snow will melt in the next two days; especially since current temperatures are still well below freezing.

Monday Monologue #23

An interior monologue from me (and sometimes the wife).

  • We went to the Arnold Sports Festival last week like we always do. The event has almost gotten too big. But, the people watching is still amazing. Sometimes, I wonder where all of the competitors and spectators come from since I never see people with such gigantic muscles anywhere else.
  • I fixed the RO water filter over the weekend and the washing machine today. So, I finally have everything that I need to work on fixed. At least until something breaks again. We are looking forward to when new can replace the washer. The washer (and dryer) are the oldest of our appliances and, consequently, the most problematical.
  • I also upgraded to Internet Explorer 10. This site looks fine in it (of course). But some websites I visit are not yet IE10 aware and look “strange”. I’ll still use Firefox; but, I’ve gotten really tired of its JavaScript slowdowns.
  • The exodus continues at work. Two more people have given notice. I hope to be doing the same someday soon. It’s generally a good place to work, at least for me, so it’s hard to find something that’s “better” as opposed to just different. But that doesn’t mean that I’m not looking.
  • And, it what seems to be a recurring Monday theme, I bumped my head yet again when I was working on things. Sometimes, I almost feel like I should wear a helmet when I am working on things.