Monday Monologue #31

An interior monologue from me (and sometimes the wife).

  • We are now the proud parents of a college graduate! It doesn’t seem like that long ago that we were holding babies. Where did the time go?
  • I almost got sideswiped coming home from work, presumably by an inattentive (i.e. texting) driver. They were driving left of the center/turn lane even though they were going straight. I would have been really, really mad if they would have run into me.
  • Amazingly, nothing has been breaking down recently. So I’ve been spending a lot of my “free” time doing things around the house that I hadn’t gone undone because I so busy fixing broken stuff. The list was getting kinda long.
  • We’ve slowly been buying blu-rays that we haven’t seen to watch in the home theater. We always enjoy repeat viewings of “blockbusters”; but, we like the suspense of viewing a movie for the first time.

Friday Featurette #30

The Wife sitting naked on the bedAnother Friday another picture of my favorite person in the world. “Do you know how fine you are to me M.M.?” I never saw the movie Rob Roy. But this has always been one of my favorite movie quotes. We’ve got a lot planned this weekend and can’t wait to get started. We hope that yours is the same. Happy last Friday everyone.

Wednesday Weirdness #30

A guy that I spar with thinks he “got destroyed” the last time he was in the ring. I was there, and, from what I saw, the only thing that got hurt was his pride. In any sport, especially one so dependent on technique and repetition, there is always someone better. Anyway, his “solution” was to step back from sparring for a while rather than get right back at it the next time. I’m sure I’ve been “destroyed” too. But; heavy bags and mitts don’t think and don’t hit back. Avoiding fighting real people isn’t the best way to get better at fighting real people. Like anything if you think you are beaten, you are. And if you think you’re OK you probably are too.

Monday Monologue #30

An interior monologue from me (and sometimes the wife).

  • Our daughter is playing really well this spring. We’ve been there from the beginning (obviously); but she is fun to watch when she’s on her game. She can consistently do things without even thinking about it that I could never do; or, if I could, would take my full focus.
  • Like a LOT of other people, I’d like to run in Boston next year. It’s kinda frustrating because I’m not quite fast enough to qualify (rather than enter the lottery) but I’m close. I almost wish I was a much slower runner so I the lottery would be my only choice and I wouldn’t be wondering if there is a super-fast course out there or I could drop my time enough if I trained really hard.
  • We’ve semi-permanently moved our photo sessions to Wednesday. We didn’t mind the long day on Tuesday; but it makes our mid-week evenings much more balanced. Especially since we both seem to be completing our work for the day somewhat later than we used to.
  • I’m becoming more and more confident that I’ve finally fixed the intermittent issue we were having with the car. I’m not completely certain that it is fixed; but it hasn’t happen again since the recent repairs.

Friday Featurette #29

The Wife's bikini on the floorThis hasn’t been the best of weeks, obviously; but we’ve resolved to still live and not hide in a hole. We’ll run the same road races that we have always entered, and do what we do generally. We know there will be better days ahead. Here’s to the great summer days to come. Have the best weekend that you can.

Wednesday Weirdness #29

I sometimes see some strange/interesting things working downtown, especially when I am on foot. This past Tuesday was no exception. When I was walking back to the office from my lunchtime work out, two guys were on the sidewalk in front of a bar smoking a joint as if it was a regular cigarette. They didn’t care in the least who saw what they were doing. They didn’t even bother to go into the alley behind the building. Who does that on one of the busiest streets in the city?