Wednesday Weirdness #28

I saw a really rude person driving the wrong way down a one way street on Tuesday. I could tell by the numerous places they passed to turn around or get out of the way of oncoming traffic that they were doing it on purpose. The direction of travel is clearly marked and impossible to miss. The just didn’t care even though it was in the middle of the evening drive home. Sometimes, I wonder what makes people think they own the world.


  1. “Sense of entitlement”… I see it a LOT 🙁

    I used to live on a stretch of road that you could reach either by driving around Robin Hood’s barn OR you could drive the wrong way for a short stretch of little-used road. Guess which way I usually picked? I got stopped by a policeman one day and pointed this out to him, he was actually sympathetic but nailed me anyway. What could I say? 😀

    • Kazi: This particular person was going the wrong way on a street that led to on ramp to the interstate. So it was definitely not a seldom used road. It was rush hour so it probably really would have been quicker to go around the block. Especially with all of the people who were trying to get on the highway and go home. Definitely not a low traffic area.

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