Monday Monologue #29

An interior monologue from me (and sometimes the wife).

  • I mailed the last of our tax returns on my way to work today. We like to keep our cash for as long as we can so we never file early. Some people like getting “unexpected” refunds; but we prefer not to overpay and waiting forever for the government to issue a refund.
  • I cut the grass today for the first time this spring. The lawn mower sputtered quite a bit and wasn’t running nearly as strong as it was when it was new. I’m undecided whether to give it a tune up, change the oil and sharpen the blade or just replace it. It’s a cheap push mower so there isn’t much difference cost wise.
  • I got an email from “customer service” of the rebate center for a rebate that I am waiting for informing me that supplying the additional information that was requested on a post card they mailed me will delay my rebate an additional 4 – 6 weeks. Who pays someone to aggravate their customers? I estimate I will finally receive the gift card 4 months after sent first in the form.
  • Our deepest sympathies to the people affected by the events today in Boston.

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